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      Per schefter.

      If we land white + fournette no need to draft a rb.


    • Alldaway 2.0

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      White is going to be cheaper than Fournette.

      Upgrade for third down situations and half the price.

      Build the trenches!

      • Darktanian

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        White is going to be cheaper than Fournette.

        Upgrade for third down situations and half the price.

        White isn’t worthy to be a pimple of Fournette’s butt. He’s not a 3 down and goal line back like Fournette.

    • Pennywise

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      There are several teams inquiring about Patriots’ free-agent RB James White, including…the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, per source

    • Boid Fink

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      Bucs will lose a short yardage load (even though he was dancing too much, and not reading the right lanes at times), he is still a brig dude and I think he is a better third and 2 type back than given credit for. He did get blasted in the SB, but he did good as well.

    • obuc

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      supposedly we were only looking at our players. Now if they are looking at White it might mean Fournette will not be staying or its a hint to decide

    • buccnation

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      Yes please. Let Fournette go and sign the better third down back.

    • BucD

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      I hope it’s legit and not the Bucs just floating this to Schefter to trying to push Lombardi Lenny into deciding faster.

      James White will be cheaper and he offers a better RB option for what we are missing in that room.

    • Lord Nemesis

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      Never was a big Fournette fan but am extremely thankful for what he did for us during our run.

      With that said I’d let him walk in a heartbeat and sign White. Cheaper and has a rapport with Brady.

    • Swash

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      I’d rather go after Damian Williams.

    • BucsSavant

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      They will not both sign white and resign fournette

      • Team Pteranodon

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        It’s one or the other, unless fournette signs a deal for minimum with playoff incentives which is fair, let’s face it he’s called playoff Lenny because he’s useless for the other 16 games it takes to get there.

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