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    • BP1

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      I’m sad to find out we may never have a team photo of our Super Bowl LV team. I have a plaque hanging on my wall of our Super Bowl XXXVII team and was looking for the same for the 2020 Super Bowl team. I can’t find a thing. I even have the same type plaques for the Lightning championships. Has anyone heard anything?

    • bodydenny

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      You and me both!!! My friends who are cowboys fans always had these prominently displayed. I got the 37 one and am still hoping.

    • Jed

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      They can’t use COVID as a reason for not doing so because both the Bucs and the Chiefs could have taken a group pic before the game. Just pay the fine if the NFL didn’t like it. Now we are left with no group pic of our Super Bowl champs.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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