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    • parnelldickinson

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      1 Always amazed by the talk each year of the short, slight, but fast receivers that are gonna stretch the field and catch passes in the seam and “get open”. This year its names like rondale moore,elijah moore. I would not touch these guys till the 4th round at best. Cant find videoof these guys beating press coverage or challenging for 50/50 balls and you will have to do both @ nfl level. 80%chance these guys are adam humphries,19% chance jamison crowder, and 1% chance tyreek hill,antonio brown. Tavon Austin,phillip dorsett,john ross, corey coleman..the list goes on and on and they were more impressive on film<br />
      2 how can u pick waddle over devonte smith,,again waddle will be better than the 2 mentioned above, but he is surrounded by abundance of talent. devonte smith is slight,but massive production should always be respected.he somehow beats the press and can win 50/50 balls despite his slight build. better than ruggs who was also a huge gamble last year and incorrectly picked over lamb and jeudy.<br />
      3 undersized edge rushers better be alpha tough as nails. the von millers are the rare exception, most of these guys are exposed as average players. not sold on olujari with a high pick<br />
      4 dont trust fsu and miami players much anymore..think the um def ends are overrated. only exception fsu/um is hamsah nasrildeen..think he is a real sleeper lots injuries but good tape..derwin james, isaih simmons type weapon all teams want these days<br />
      5 saw the measurable about notre dame lb j orwusu koromoah and wasnt too excited. Then I watched the tape. I believe he is gonna be special, though hated his measurables and the ND factor of overhyping ND guysuntil i watched him. But he defies the steretoypes. He is tenacious and plays with anger,edge..reminds me of derrick brooks<br />
      6 Id take a chance on barmore at 32 or daviyon nixon at 64. nitpicking barmore , he may not be great but will be really good and we need depth<br />
      7 Drafting rbs is now underrated. Yes you can and should have a committee of good backs, but because of salary concerns drafting rbs that are quality is good value due to 4 5 yr rookie contracts. I wouldnt be sad if we picked najee harris, jav williams or ettiene at 32. Running backs touch ball 2.5 to 3 times more than wrs and tight ends. they are very important. not convinced rojo is better than these 3 mentioned above. K vaughn is will be a jag nfl player, his skills are not good enuff, try hard guy<br />
      8 When in doubt draft BPA or special qualities if you have one of best roster. high risk high reward. But contradicting this draft stock up along both lines of scrimmage if you just arent sure of BPA.<br />
      9 Not sure about mac jones ,,has really good feet and i think he can be real good but never great. he is checkdown charlie and never faced adversity of playing against equal better rosters. He may struggle and get exposed as a really good andy dalton<br />
      10 Damn it feels good to be a bucs fan, but lets not get too cocky. you are never as good as they say you are and never as bad as they say you are. During the season we were really bad at times from coaching to defense to offense. we almost didnt make playoffs. But on the other hand we could get a lot lot better.takes some luck,good breaks and no injuries.

      Also antonio brown is an elite player whether you like him or not. He is elite, please check his stats from ever stat wise for recepts and yardage over 5,6-8 years..better than jerry rice, calvin johnson. and he made big clutch plays with steelers.he is extreme asset provided off field stuff is resolved.

    • Boid Fink

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      Yeah I was saying that about AB. Some guys forget what a super elite talent this guy is. He isn’t in his heyday anymore, but the dude is a very good ball player, in spite of what JC5100 says. He doesn’t understand the concept of time and chemistry.

    • The Freeman

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      5th-year option is overrated!
      unless you’re picking QB (unlikely for us), i’ll take one more 3rd or 4th round over any 5th-year option!

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