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      The 10 best games on the 2014 NFL scheduleBy Buck StantonApril 17, 2014 10:10 pm EDT ??best_zps08c28d2b.jpg After much anticipation, it is now believed that the NFL will release its 2014 schedule on Tuesday, April 22. At that point, we’ll find who plays who, from Week 1 to Week 17, including all of the primetime and national TV games; that’ll provide fans with somewhat of a road map for the season.But some games are going to be so attractive that it doesn’t matter when they’re played; they’ll still be must-see TV. They don’t need to be a Sunday night affair, holiday showdown or late-season Saturday tilt. It wouldn’t matter if they were played on a Tuesday morning; everyone would make sure to tune in.Why? Because these match-ups have a little extra something going for them. There’s a little bad blood, some intriguing storylines or simply head-to-head showdowns that will be a blast to watch.So in anticipation of the schedule release next week, here are the 10 best games on the 2014 NFL slate, regardless of when they are actually played:***10. Bills at Lionsbest1_zpsfc813309.jpgThis guy will be returning to Detroit on ThanksgivingWord has leaked that this game will be played on Thanksgiving, as somewhat of a tribute to the former owner of each team, as both Ralph Wilson (Buffalo) and William Clay Ford (Detroit) recently passed away. But the most interesting aspect will come from Jim Schwartz’s return to the Motor City.

      9. Buccaneers at Bearsbest2_zpsae939ff1.jpgLovie can get some revenge against ChicagoTwo new faces in Tampa Bay will make this one a must-watch, given their previous ties to Chicago. Surely, head coach Lovie Smith would love to knock off his former team, while new Bucs quarterback Josh McCown would like nothing better than a triumphant return to the Windy City.

      8. Texans at Cowboysbest3_zps127c9229.jpgThe battle of Texas should be a good oneFootball is huge in Texas, so any time the two pro teams in the state square off, it makes for some good drama. But imagine the added intrigue if Houston takes Johnny Manziel (from Texas A&M) with the No. 1 overall pick? Johnny Football at Jerry’s World? What a show that would be!

      7. Packers at Saintsbest4_zps073ab160.jpgThe league’s two best QBs (arguably) square off in the domeIn the dome, New Orleans is a tough team to beat; they light up the scoreboard like a pinball machine. Green Bay is a team that can keep pace, however, as their offense is among the league’s best. Watching Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers duke it out will be a sheer joy.6. Jets at Titansbest5_zps31b30797.jpgCJ2K will face his former teamYes, this game features two teams that weren’t in the playoffs a year ago. And yes, if it’s a late-season game this time around, it might not have a ton of meaning. But newly inked running back Chris Johnson making his return to Tennessee will be fun to watch no matter the stakes of the game.

      5. Panthers at Bengalsbest6_zps36df4103.jpgTwo up-and-coming quarterbacks square offThis game proves why the NFL is better than any other league. In basketball, baseball or hockey, there’s no way that Carolina going to Cincinnati would draw interest around the country. But this game features two playoff teams, each with a promising young QB, that will be fun to watch.4. Colts at Broncosbest7_zps6c35a04d.jpgManning faces his old team once againLast year, Peyton Manning had to make a return trip to Indianapolis, an emotional journey that got the most of him and his teammates for the better part of a half. This time around, he gets them in his new home, offering a shot at redemption against a Colts team that cut him after the 2012 season.

      3. Seahawks at 49ersbest8_zps3a8859f6.jpgThe NFL’s biggest rivals go head-to-headThis is by far the NFL’s best rivalry at the moment, always making for a great game. Since they play twice per year (at least), it’s not the No. 1 most-anticipated game. But when they face of in San Francisco’s brand new home, whenever that may be, every football fan will want to tune in.2. Redskins at Eaglesbest9_zpsb1e09a37.jpgDeSean Jackson returns to PhillyThroughout the year, the networks will force feed us the NFC East, no matter how bad the teams are or how meaningless the games turn out to be. But this one will be worth watching, as DeSean Jackson makes his return to Philly, wanting to show that the Eagles made a mistake letting him go.

      1. Broncos at Seahawksbest99_zps89953315.jpgA Super Bowl rematchGiven that Super Bowl XLVIII was such a blowout, some might say they have no desire to see a rematch. But that day was an aberration. This is the league’s two best teams, featuring the offense vs. defense plotline, and will clearly be the season’s marquee match-up.

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