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      IMO…Jameis Winston!

      Pros: 26 years old, tough as nails, respected by teammates, exceptional arm talent, fearless, hard worker, could still become a Brett Favre/Peyton Manning type if the light goes on

      Cons: Fearless :( turnover machine, eye sight concerns me, propensity to decide his throw pre-snap, seems stubborn and not overly self awareness.

      Bottom line: Better than a rookie, already locked in here(tag or contract if we want him), he needs someone to push him like a 2nd/3rd round project rookie QB or a really solid backup with starting experience. With JW I constantly go back to his age and how some of the great gunslingers started their career off. I’m OK moving on, but I don’t think this is a Josh Freeman deal where he’d wash out of the NFL. Winston could start immediately for several franchises next season…my bet is it’s right here in Tampa!

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