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      Longest NFL playoff win droughts and who can snap out of it The Sporting NewsBy David Steele @david_c_steele RSSJuly 3, 2014 5:07pm EDT Training-camp time is approaching fast, and so are the reminders that several NFL teams have some scary postseason ghosts haunting them. More than one-third of the league, 12 of the 32 franchises, have gone at least eight years since they last won a playoff game. (Carolina and Washington have gone exactly eight years.) Five teams—the Bengals, Lions, Chiefs, Browns and Bills—have failed to win in the postseason in the 21st century. To their credit, two of those teams made it to the playoffs last season. That gives them a slight edge over the rest in breaking their droughts—but not by much. Here are the 10 longest current playoff-win droughts in the NFL: drought_zps6b5d080f.pngBoomer Esiason (AP Photo)1...Cincinnati Bengals, 23 yearsLast playoff win: 1990, AFC wild card, 41-14 vs. Oilers. This was just two years after their last-minute Super Bowl loss to the 49ers. If your last playoff win was against a team that no longer exists, you’ve had a bad run. Chance of ending drought soon: Fair. At least they’ve gotten there three years in a row and won the AFC North last year. It’s a fish-or-cut-bait season for QB Andy Dalton, and maybe coach Marvin Lewis, although owner Mike Brown continues to back him. drought2_zps2287adb9.pngBarry Sanders (AP Photo) 2...Detroit Lions, 22 yearsLast playoff win: 1991, NFC divisional playoffs, 38-6 vs. Cowboys. Never mind how long ago this was – it’s still hard to come to terms with the Lions of Barry Sanders and Wayne Fontes ever being one win away from the Super Bowl. They’re on their seventh coach since then. Chance of ending drought soon: Slim. Under Jim Caldwell, in charge of wringing something extra out of Matthew Stafford, they actually have a chance to win the NFC North (nine wins got it done last year). Adding a postseason win to that is asking too much. drought3_zps14eda068.pngJoe Montana (AP Photo)3...Kansas City Chiefs, 20 yearsLast playoff win: 1993, AFC division playoffs, 28-20 vs. Oilers. Joe Montana and Marcus Allen played in that game, Marty Schottenheimer coached them, and they ended up falling to the Bills in the AFC title game. Chance of ending drought soon: Good. It should have happened last season, if not for the collapse against the Colts in the wild-card game. With the Broncos in their way in the division, though, Andy Reid and the Chiefs have their work cut out for them. drought4_zpsa733fa5b.pngVinny Testaverde (AP Photo) 4...Cleveland Browns, 19 yearsLast playoff win: 1994, AFC wild card, 20-13 vs. Patriots (includes three years between 1996 move to Baltimore and expansion team’s 1999 debut). That was Year 4 of the Bill Belichick era, the last glimpse of hope. The “new” Browns: one playoff game, two winning seasons. Chance of ending drought soon: Poor. Even with Johnny Football, even with the free-agent spending spree, they’re still the Browns until they prove otherwise. They still discard coaches, scouts and front-office personnel like used Gatorade cups. drought5_zps90cff195.pngJim Kelly (AP Photo) 5...Buffalo Bills, 18 yearsLast playoff win: 1995, AFC wild card, 37-22 over Dolphins. The third and final time Jim Kelly and Dan Marino met in the playoffs (Kelly won all three). The Music City Miracle four years later, in 1999, was the Bills’ last postseason appearance, period. Chance of ending drought soon: Poor. It’s too hard to separate them from the rest of the AFC East teams trailing far behind the Patriots – unless one factors in Kiko Alonso’s season-ending injury, which pushes them further back. drought6_zps56c2cf81.pngJason Taylor (AP Photo) 6...Miami Dolphins, 13 yearsLast playoff win: 2000, AFC wild card, 23-17 vs. Colts. Dave Wannstedt’s first year as Jimmy Johnson’s hand-picked successor. They made the playoffs the next year, but only one time since. Nick Saban did two years there, remember? Chance of ending drought soon: Poor. Only a season-long intestinal virus would keep the Patriots from winning the AFC East. Beating out the Jets and Bills will be no picnic, either, never mind the other AFC contenders if they do make the cutdrought7_zps7d4ba0b1.pngRich Gannon (AP Photo)7...Oakland Raiders, 11 yearsLast playoff win: 2002, AFC championship, 41-24 vs. Titans. This set up the “Gruden Bowl,’’ the showdown against their ex-coach, in the Super Bowl against Tampa Bay. Rich Gannon was the league MVP, Jerry Rice and Tim Brown had beaten Father Time—and it’s been downhill ever since. Chance of ending drought soon: Very poor. Even if Matt Schaub or Derek Carr, or both, flourish at quarterback in the near future and the talent greatly improves around them, they have to scale the Broncos, Chiefs and Chargers in the division. drought8_zpsd5adf58e.pngWarren Sapp (AP Photo)8...Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 11 yearsLast playoff win: 2002, Super Bowl XXXVII, 48-21 vs. Raiders. Jon Gruden turned out to be the coach to get the perennially-contending Bucs over the top. Once the tank was empty, though, it stayed empty. Lovie Smith is their third coach in six years. Chance of ending drought soon: Fair. They’re in a loaded but totally unpredictable division, the NFC South. If one of those teams falls, and Smith pushes the right buttons the way he did early on in Chicago, the Bucs could find a path to the playoffs (but not much more). drought9_zps012e2d37.pngEddie George (AP Photo) 9...Tennessee Titans, 10 yearsLast playoff win: 2003, AFC wild card, 20-17 at Ravens. Steve McNair, Eddie George, Jevon Kearse, Samari Rolle— yeah, it was that long ago. They left a few playoff wins on the table in the next several years, too, before Jeff Fisher’s tenure ended. Chance of ending drought soon: Decent. Ken Whisenhunt took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl; he gets the benefit of the doubt. Don’t count on the streak ending while he has the quarterbacks he has, though. drought10_zpsc3341775.pngMarshall Faulk (AP Photo) 10...St. Louis Rams, 9 yearsLast playoff win: 2004, NFC wild card, 27-20 at Seahawks. The next week, they got steamrolled by Michael Vick and the Falcons, and what was left of the Greatest Show on Turf pretty much shut down the following season. Chance of ending drought soon: Poor. Another team in the wrong division, the NFC West, even if it gets good fast. The Rams won’t surpass the Seahawks and 49ers for a long time, and will be hard-pressed to overtake Arizona.

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      That’s bs. Lovie can get to playoffs, but that’s it?The playoffs are a different monster. Not to mention, in order to do that, we would have to come close to sweeping all the nfcs foes. Which also means...we're pretty damn good.So I'm not buying that he could "only get to playoffs."

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