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    • Jahhmmon

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      After giving it a couple of days, Iʻve warmed up to the Bucs draft. Whether I love it will come in time when we see these rookies, but I was in the hate the Kyle Trask pick camp. Even Tryon took time for me to warm up to it, but after a couple of days I think I understand the picks and am somewhat excited to see these players:

      Tryon: Has the best teachers in JPP and Shaq who will teach technique to a player with an already relentless motor. Kinda reminds me of a combination of JPPʻs measurables and Shaqʻs rawness coming into the NFL

      Trask: Has the best QB camp anyone could ask for with the QB whisperer, Clyde Christensen, Tom Moore, the GOAT, and a QB thats had years of experience in the system in Gabbert

      Hainsey: Versatile, can learn behind Cappa and eventually replace him with our OL coaching

      Darden: This one made me happy. Doesnʻt have Antonio Brownʻs speed but his twitch and elusiveness remind me very much of AB. If he can learn under AB, work hard, and hit the weights he could be real scary

      KJ Britt, Chris Wilcox, Grant Stuard: Our ST was horrible last year, and if Harris from NO wasnʻt injured in the divisional playoffs chances are we lose that game due to horrible ST. The loss of Andrew Adams and Ryan Smith weakened our already pathetic ST so these guys are here solely to strengthen ST play. Hopefully we can have good ST play this year.

      I wanted JOK, Jenkins, Trey Smith, and many other players that the Bucs passed on but I think it was a successful draft. Not the flashiest but hopefully with investment it will turn out to be a great draft. Go Bucs!

    • The Freeman

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      You’re naive if you think TB12 and JPP have time for the young rookie here to take their job in 2022 or 2023.

    • BadabingBucs

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      its very likely that Kyle Trask ends up a career back-up and is not the heir apparent to Tom.

      Which isn’t a bad thing, if Tom plays like he did last year, let him play as long as he wants.

      It was not our strongest draft, but again the bar has been set high the last 3 years netting Vita Vea, Ronald Jones, Carlton Davis, Alex Cappa, Jordan Whitehead, Devin White, Sean Bunting, Jamel Dean, Scotty Miller, Mike Edwards, Tristian Wirfs, and Antonio Winfield Jr.

      Joe Tryon will have to shine in back-up role/practice. His fate will be determined whether or not the Bucs extend JPP. Edge was certainly a need so can’t argue with this pick.

      I also like offensive line pick – Robert Hainsey. Both Cappa and Jensen are free agents next year so this provides depth and gives us a solid 6th guy.

      Wasn’t originally fans of Kyle Trask or Jaelon Darden picks. Thought we could have used better depth at DT/DE with nothing good behind Vita Vea and with Gholston and Suh being free agents and elder statemen.

      put it this way, the draft currently ranks 4th of the last 4 years and to me was more reminisce of a Jon Gruden type draft lol but hey….we’re Super Bowl Champs baby and this draft wont move the needle for 2021 in either direction.

      • Alldaway 2.0

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        I feel the same way about this draft. Felt like could have done more with the players on the board with upside and starting potential. Guess we find out in three years if any of these guys are starter material.

        Build the trenches!

    • buc-in-out

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      Just remember it’s a lot easier to nail a draft when you’re picking in the top 10, like we have been for what feels like forever.

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