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    • garfield

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      An explosive offense deserves an explosive running back. I don’t care how he looked playing with a scrub line in the preseason, Barber is super mediocre and he can’t be any worse. Time to get a HR hitter in there, stat.

    • ghost

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      guy couldnt beat out rodgers in camp but hes a HR hitter? get that trash outta here

    • DonkeyHunter

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      Wilson is a HR hitter

    • tampaspicer

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      Wilson is a HR hitter

      I’d rather have Wilson in there over Rodgers.

    • Biggs3535

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      The team is 2-0 and the offense is lighting it up.  Let’s change the RB!


      Smart thinking, fella.

    • J.A.S.H.E.R.

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      Eagles D is insanely good against the run…should of gave Wilson a lot more carries tho. His speed and ability to get small and burst through the hole can work against an overly aggressive dline. A big back against the Eagles all game was not very smart.

    • leeroybuc93

      Post count: 1385

      I understand wanting an explosive back, I just haven’t seen anything indicating that that’s Rojo.

    • RHBucsFan

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      Don’t change anything on offense, fools. You don’t screw with perfection!

    • Anonymous

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    • GMACsBlankey

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      Lol. Clearly the Eagles and Saints both saw something on film that scared them with Barber. Despite the arsenal of weapons outside, both teams have really sold out to stop the run. Eagles showed a ton of single-high coverage while the Saints played a ton of high-risk press-man.

      The #s aren’t good, but the running game has made teams sacrifice something against the pass, and it’s working.

      Don’t change anything.

    • Anonymous

      Post count: 21923

      Wilson was injured? Anyone have details?

    • Ramonb

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      The one “chink” in our offense so far is that we haven’t had a complimentary running game.  With our pass offense so effective, it’s disappointing for our run game to be so ineffective.  Neither Barber or Rodgers has done anything really.

      Its a valid question, to consider improving that area of our offense, despite what the board bullies think.

    • BucsBay

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      You can’t trust a rook to pass block early in the season no matter who they are. Barber is going to need some more help, and soon though.

    • Charlie

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      Right @garfield. Cause you know better than the 76 paid professional football coaches……

      The Bucs won. And they won regardless of their running game. RoJo needs to serve value and right now he serves no value.

      Wilson is beating him out. When was Wilson picked? Like the 78th round?


Viewing 13 reply threads
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