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      Brindza vs Schum vs BarthA punting and kicking job battle all in one without the infamous Koenen in the mix no more.  This is going to be very interesting to see how this all shakes out.  Murray probably doesn't go if he has a knee injury still.  Hall  vs Clay vs Humphries vs DyeThe battle of the WR's/Return specialists is going to be intense.  It looks like Rennell "Speedy" Hall is running away from his competition.  Humprhies and Dye are waiting in the shadows and Clay isn't going down without a fight.Masifilo vs Edwards vs GilkeyIn a battle of projects the former DT turned OG has senior bowl darling Edwards on the ropes.  Can Gilkey have a bounce back game?Fatinkun  vs Gholston vs English vs Bowers vs Sidbury vs Lyons vs Delaire A royal rumble of defensive linemen is going to be witnessed tomorrow.  Who steps up and claims the throne?Dean vs Willaims vs Greene vs KeyesCan Williams the special teams ace hold off the competition?  A battle of special teams coverage awaits and also to see who can fly around the field.Hacket vs Tandy vs ConteWith McDougald injured the team will probably rest him giving many opportunities for the rookie to prove himself.  Can he overcome a very poor off season to emerge?  Can Tandy unseat Conte with his consistency?

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      some interesting ones.  i dont think the K/P matters.  i would guess they already have their mind made up.i think im the only one who has been impressed with clay, but hall has also looked more versatile.  humpries just makes plays, short chain moving plays.  dye is a numbers cut, but should be a solid guy to watch on the PS.i think weve all seen enough poor play from gilkey and edwards.  masafilo seems the only one with potential.  is that enough?  is edwards PS eligible?STs/LB should be interesting.  i dont think dean has done enough, especially considering he is leslies guy and leslie seems to be fading.  do they like keyes more than williams?  do they think they can stash keyes?  do they keep multiples?conte vs tandy.  is conte tight enough with lovie?  neither are instinctual enough to be great players, but who is more assignment sound to be trusted as a backup?  does conte play STs?

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