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      Your world view is hilarious. Really I come here just to watch you make an ass of yourself. Wasn’t it the bad people who were saying this all along? Wait, that was last weeks truth. This week, we have a new, completely different truth but if you notice it you may find yourself in a padded room.

      Well good news Karma, you’re safe. You sufficiently regurgitate the current truth and miraculously unremember yesterdays. Congrats!

      What about all the shaming that went on last week and the week before and before that? Anything? This reminds me a whole lot of the last four years in fact I’m fairly certain that if Trump had been President this last 100 days he would have been saying the CDC was wrong and you’d all be going bananas about how he’s a liar and how dumb all the rednecks are etc etc… And now, just like the last four years you’d have a memory lapse when what Trump said turned out to be true.

      Sorry Fauci is a little bit slow on the common sense. It seems he has to run that by his masters before any of it gets enacted. And why….. ? Control. It’s almost as if the administration realized that nobody was listening to them on this subject any more and figured it was time to unremember everything…. again. Funny how that works.

      Where is Gretchen Witmer these days? is she safe now for that Florida trip again? lol After saying that people needed to stay home and not travel and that the bad people were brining it back from Florida and that was why Michigan is the hotbed of Covid….. because of Florida…. right before she went to Florida and said you shouldn’t. This is of course after she told the entire state to stay in their homes and tried to rent a party boat that she just said nobody else could do because it was dangerous.

      But the left doesn’t lie. Only the bad people tell untruths and the bad people happen to all disagree with Karma…. or should I dust Alice off. Are we done playing nice?

    • KarmaPolice

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      Sorry Fauci is a little bit slow on the common sense. It seems he has to run that by his masters before any of it gets enacted.

      Nothing says “I am not a Trumper” like Channeling Jim Jordan

      • FireLicht2020

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        More like Rand Paul the self diagnosed ophthalmologist…

        Jim Jordan is the guy that hid all the Sandusky shit…

        Also a POS that spreads anti-vax messaging… but Rand is the bigger turd in the room.

        So many turds in the GOP it’s hard to keep up

    • Donkey_Hunter

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      Your world view is hilarious.

      What world view?

      According to you, the world ended last November.

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