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    • Dy-nasty D

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      When Vea was drafted in the 1st round, Bucs fans were told that Vea would be a future 3T. In the new system, and w Suh signed, it appears as though Vea is mostly relegated to NT.

      Does the signing of Suh indicate the Bucs no longer see Vea as a viable 3T? Does this signal disappointment in him? What is the value of the NT in a 3-4 defense? Is it more valuable than in a 4-3? Is it wrong to assume Vea will be mostly a NT? Maybe w Vea losing weight, it means the DL will all be interchangeable?


    • Alldaway 2.0

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      Bowles has them playing everywhere and switching it up on the DL.  It is going to be fun!

      Build the trenches!

    • bucfanskiz

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      Just my understanding from what I have read. In a normal 3-4 the NT will 2 Gap and take on double teams. He lines up directly in front of the center over the ball and is responsible for opening lanes for the MLB’s. Todd Bowles system all DL are 1 gap penetrators.

    • Nobody

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      The only difference in this defense between a 3 tech and a NT is:

      * one is attacking and 1-gapping one of the B gaps, the other is attacking and 1-gapping one of the the A gaps.

      * the NT is likely to be Slanting much more often (to the adjacent A) with an ILB scraping off of him on run fits, run blitzed, actual blitzes.

    • BP1

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      After the disappointment in our defense over the past years I am very excited about the change. I can’t wait to see the new product in a real game. I can now at least watch a preseason game with a little more interest.

    • Mic

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      Vea looking like a straight monster the last few games can’t be overstated enough, if we get that dude for 16games expect a better version of Ngata

    • NotDeadYet

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      The middle of our D has enormous potential. I haven’t said that in a long time…

    • Defense5599

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      Vita would definitely make a good NT.   He’s got the build and strength to be able to take on constant double teams.

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