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    • garfield

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      Please get these two a stable front office, head coach, and QB position before they go their whole careers without even sniffing the playoffs. Evans could go down as the best WR to never make the playoffs at this rate with how dysfunctional this organization is (Did Megatron ever make the playoffs in Detroit?) and Howard is clearly on his way to becoming the best all around TE in football. Dude is special and a complete beast. The Bucs will never have a WR/TE combo this good again and the Bucs are completely wasting it. What a shame.

    • jcaulfield8

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      Dj might make an outside push at hof too if he keeps up his pace for the next 3-4 years, and plays with a qb that can get him the ball consistently

    • pewterblood

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      Unpopular opinion but I would trade Evans. We are already paying him top dollars. We could get two first rounders. You brought up megatron and it’s a good point. This team needs to be rebuilt if not we will waste Evans talent just like megatron. We could use those picks on the defense.

    • Ramonb

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      I dont know if we’re wasting Evans, he is a focal point to our offense regardless of who is throwing him the ball.  Howard on the other hand takes a back seat when Winston is playing to Brate (whom I think is also great, just not on OJ’s level), Fitz seems to make OJ more of a priority IMHO.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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