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    • Vance

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      If you laugh give me 20 push ups

    • buc_boi

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      Take a real good look at your boy, Harry!


    • BadabingBucs

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      lmao. I really liked Jameis from a personal standpoint. I actually laughed at the time when he had that flea flicker touchdown against us in the playoffs. It wouldn’t have been funny if we were down 17-0 but the fact that we were competing, i had confidence we would bounce back.

      that being said, i wasn’t upset and was happy for Jameis. He is a rootable guy. He’s a bit strange/goofy but wish him well with the Saints; just not against us and/or to lose quite a few for his bonehead plays so we win the division.

      Unfortunately, Jameis, while the best QB in his class, will be labeled a bust with us.

    • Culo Con Dientes

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      If I’m not mistaken I believe that is the same move from the Rose Bowl game. He just held the ball this time. LOL

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