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      I know this piece may seem like a downer but it’s the offseason and I’m bored. I’ve picked out players on this Super Bowl team that are on the wrong side of 30. Granted, some players last longer than others, but the fact remains that the human body wasn’t designed to take the poundings these guys take on fall Sundays. Eventually, your body can no longer do what your mind commands it to.

      Tom Brady age 43- This man has defied the odds for a long time. I can count on one hand the number of players that reach 40 and can still play at a star level. As long as he can keep up his stellar play, we should keep him, but it wouldn’t hurt to look at late round projects to develop under him.

      Steve McLendon age 35- A solid backup with a nasty disposition who did enough to fill in for Vea. DT’s don’t last as long as QB’s, so drafting a DT in the early rounds is almost a given for this team. Especially because the next person is….
      Ndamukong Suh age 34- Him and Vita Vea make a ferocious 1-2 punch on this D-Line. He’s had a HOF career but how long can he keep taking the punishment he does?
      Ryan Succop age 34- I know he’s a kicker so I expect him to stick around for a while. Unless his game goes south (and it has with other teams), he’s going to be our kicker for a while.

      Jason Pierre-Paul age 32- him and Shaq provided the bulk of the sacks made on edge pass rushing. He’s always been a high motor guy and I was thrilled when we got him from the Giants. Even missing a finger, he is still a force to be reckoned with. However, at age 32 and with his contract up soon, he may be looking to cash in one more time. That, plus we might not be able to keep Shaq in free agency make edge rusher a top priority in the draft.

      LeSean McCoy age 32- He’s clearly not what he used to be and contributed virtually nothing all season. You want a backup running back who can catch passes out of the backfield? There are plenty of younger and cheaper options in free agency.

      Ryan Griffin/Blaine Gabbert both age 31- I know, I know Griffin has been here a long time but we’ve seen his limits. I think a late round project would be a suitable replacement for either him or Gabbert. If you have to keep one of these guys, I give Gabbert the nod as he knows Arians offense better.
      Lavonte David age 31- His sideline to sideline coverage is reminiscent of Derrick Brooks. He’s an extremely talented defender who suffered through some very bad teams throughout his career. And one of his biggest contributions was getting Devin White up to speed. He’s finally got a ring. Once you shore up the trenches, picking an ILB would not be a bad idea.
      Antonio Brown- He might last longer than most seeing as he was out of football for two years. The question is, can he get his game back to the level he had in Pittsburgh? Also, you have to ask if you slide him in if Godwin ends up walking in FA. This draft is deep with receivers, plus you have Scotty Miller and Tyler Johnson waiting in the wings.

      Rob Gronkowski age 31- I was surprised at his age considering his injury history and early retirement. He definitely got back to his old self this season. Can he keep it up next season?


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      LeSean mccoy was a key player?

      Thas some good shit!

      Pass that here mah dude.

    • buc-in-out

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      I think David still has another 2-3 years of quality ball in him.

      We definitely need to heavily invest in the OL and DL the next few drafts.

      JPP, Donovan, Jensen, Gholston will all be FA next offseason.. we cannot afford to re-sign them all, nor should we.

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