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      At the risk of asking a stupid question, what exactly happens during “a lot of time” spent on special teams?  For kick-off return, basically you run down and go left or right, staying in your lane.  For the return, basically you go back and run forward with the ball going left or right, especially when there is no wedge allowed and few kick-off returns anyway.For punts, you block essentially the same way every time and run down left or right, staying in your lane, and hopefully the punter makes it a fair catch half the time.  We may run four or five onside kicks in the whole season and one fake punt.  The only real people needing to be checked out, it seems, would be punt returners, and setting up "a wall" for a left or right return.For field goals, that seems the same on most attempts, with the exception of the end who has two players he has to block each time.Anyway, wanted to simply ask what the players and coaches are actually doing during these times, and how many special teams plays we actually have?  Thanks.

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