What’s the track record of the Bucs Pro Scouting department?

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    With FA coming up in a few short days, was curious if the PR staff thought it would be an interesting article to look at the success rate of the free agents/trades the Bucs have picked up the last 5 years or so. One of the glaring weaknesses with the Bucs the last few years (among others) has been the reliance on unproven CB depth that has failed to produce. Believe that was the major failure of Dominik/Hickey, not being able to identify and sign competent depth at most positions, even with plenty of cap space to work with. It’s easy to overpay to lure a FA, the successful front offices are the ones who are able to identify and acquire those quality depth players. Posted recently that I’m curious about the future of the guys in the pro scouting department, Shelton Quarles included. Even though he has a history with Lovie, there’s been a lot more misses than hits in that group the last few years. I’m sure this FO would like to have that 6th rnd pick Dominik gave up for Carimi back for starters.

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