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    • Buc 67-4life

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      The Bucs took two really hard hits with the injuries to Kendall Beckwith and Justin Evans, I was particularly impressed with Kendall as he had a great rookie season. I watched him intently and it was amazing how well he was able to play all 3 linebacker spots. He was going to be a force in the NFL. The same for Justin Evans who I thought look really good especially compared with Conte. Justin was aggressive and learning to be a good player in space.
      My question is simple are both these players out of football or is there a chance they can still play ball for the Bucs. I have not read anything about injury settlement for either one and I believe they could help the Bucs if they where to return to form and keep improving at same rate. If anyone has information on there status I would love to here about it.

    • Anonymous

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      I thought Beckwith was done

    • 3rd String Kicker

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      Very true, an article on Beckwith likely being done with Football :(

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