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    • Boid Fink

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      XXXVII or LV?

    • kenntak

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      I hate to give you a lame answer, but both were equally special for different reasons.</p><br />
      <p>XXXVII was the first. The Bucs finally make it, and knock of the Eagles in their own stadium, the final game played there. The Bucs had one of the best defenses of all time (I have an older article on best scoring defenses, and the Bucs were ranked 1, even over the great Ravens, Steelers, and Bears defenses). Gruden, Sapp, Johnson, and Brooks were fun to watch. Facing Gruden’s former team in the Super Bowl was intriguing. The Bucs had to face the most potent offense in the league, and they demolished it. Gruden was just the spark the Bucs needed to get them to the top.

      LV was special for one reason because it’s one of the rare times that a wild card team playing three road games wins the Super Bowl. In my mind, all of those teams are special for that amazing accomplishment. It was fascinating watching the team mold itself into a world champion as the season went on. Brady elevated the team in multiple ways. Nobody except a very few like Skip Bayless gave the Bucs a chance at winning this year (he predicted a Super Bowl victory at the start of the season). They were an underdog against the Saints, Packers and Chiefs. However, their will never wavered, and they continued to improve each week. In a year marked by uncertainties and problems due to Covid, the Bucs were able to shine. Amazing. I can’t want for NFL films take on the season.

      • m_j

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        yepp, best scoring offense and top 5 otherwise

    • m_j

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      yepp, both on their own way

      I still prefer 2002 because they delivered for quite a time, but hey, ask me in a year again!

    • SunnyD

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      This doesn’t really answer the question but I think this team may end up with more Hall of Famers.

      Brady and Gronk for sure. Evans will have a shot if he maintains the 1,000 yard thing for a bit, Lavonte has a compelling case, AB would be a lock on stats alone but the crazies may derail him, Suh has an argument (5x ProBowls, 3x All-Pros, Ring, 64.5 sacks).

      Both teams had some serious talent.

    • seekpar

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      I was a home grown Redskins fan until Dan Snyder ruined the team, and then a converted Bucs fan after moving here 10 years ago. I always liked the Bucs, and was elated when they shut down the Vet and beat one of our hated division rivals for a chance at the Super Bowl. I have a greater appreciation for the LV team given all the challenges they had to overcome during the pandemic, and the playoff road they had to take. It was a rocky season for a while there, but you could see everyone [including the coaches] improve every week. This team truly peaked at the right time and it seemed nothing was going to get in their way of winning a championship.

    • Mrshowstopper

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      I’m only going to say 2002 because that defense had turned the corner for our franchise, gave us an identity and had been together so long and were on the cusp for so many years that the window was closing.

      With that said though, getting Arians and then in his second year ending this 12 yr absolutely awful stretch of no play offs and down right awful football has been extremely special too. Brady, Gronk and a cast of others coming in and making it happen was special.
      What dampers it for me is the 2002 team felt dominant that yr, and after that KC game we were 7-5 and unsure we’d even make the playoffs, then boom!

      Two totally different eras, teams and feelings of these two teams, but it’s all positive. My edge still goes to the 2002 team for reasons listed above

    • TURBO

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      I’m going with 2002 simply because it was our first Super Bowl victory…

      Being a lifelong fan, that one will always mean the most. If anyone had gone through what fans my age went through all the previous years, the 2002 team will always be the team that put that past behind us.

      I love the 2020 team, but that 2002 team was the first, and most meaningful to me personally.

    • TBChucky

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      Hypothetically if the two would play I think the ‘02 defense shuts down our offense. But I think the ‘20 defense would slap around that Gruden ‘02 offense, and it wouldn’t be close.. The first Championship meant more to me, because it seemed like a complete dream, but as far as talent I think the ‘20 team is superior.

      • m_j

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        that game would end 3:2 :-)

    • Donkey

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      I’ll be honest, Gruden’s team was more special for me. It seemed more organic. I got to watch the guys I had been rooting for for 5-7 years win it as underdogs in a even bigger blowout.
      This year was more surreal.

    • CityOfChamps

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      The 2002 team had the most historical defense ever. Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, Barber, absolute wrecking unit. Probably better than the 2000 Ravens. Sorry but calling it how I see it! This team though? This was really special and puts this team in the elite company now.

    • Detrimental

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      This was more impressive because we were the underdog in every game after the wildcard. Beating Brees, A Rod, AND Mahomes in the same post season is just incredible. The defense held up which most doubted. (32 ranked secondary pre season rankings)

      Not to mention as a whole Bucs were top 5 in DVOA on both sides of the ball. Which puts us as up there in one of the most balanced SB teams of all time.

    • bodydenny

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      Defensively I gotta go with this team(at least in the SB itself). Both teams played similar offenses and this years team choked their opponent out with no TDs. That said, the 2002 team was first and that is huge.

    • Richie Cartman

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      The 2002 Bucs Defense was the best unit. But I think this was the most complete team since they could win in many ways. Not to mention the gauntlet of 3 Hall of Fame QB’s to win the Super Bowl. Beating Garcia, McNabb and Gannon isn’t as impressive even if it was a more dominant fashion. 2002 team will always have a special place in my heart though.


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      I cried after the XXXVII win. I did not cry after LV. I came close a day later, when it really hit me what this defense did to K.C. on the biggest stage.

    • SaskBucs

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      I was a new fan in ‘02 so the history wasn’t there but I loved that team and defense.

      My fan trials were the last 18 years and being more invested, made this SB win feel … earned I guess. The 3 road games over Brees Rodgers Mahomes is wild.

      Despite that, I agree with the people who said the ‘02 team. I don’t know if they win a game between the 2 and likely not because of the balance on this ‘20 team but the franchise first after 25+ years of struggle and how meaningful that was to every one must be at the top. Maybe this got away from the question a bit, so ‘20 is better team but ‘02 has best D and more special SB.

    • Donkey_Hunter

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      That defense was on another level of elite.

    • mjs020294

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      This years team is still improving the SB37 team peaked on the SB run. The SB37 defense was devastating, I think they only gave up two 20+ yard plays up all season. There wasn’t a weakness on that defense and they had one of the greatest D-coaches of all time. The SB37 offense was pretty average though, this years offense is absolutely stacked with talent.

      Both SB performances were near perfect execution of a game plan. We faced the top offense in the NFL both times and pretty much shut them down. I think the SB37 team and achievement was better; beating the Eagles on the road in the NFC championship made it so much sweeter. However I think the current team will really show who they are next season.

    • BucHarbour

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      The 2002 team was the sweeter one to watch and had one of the best defenses to ever play the game. The offense was decent, but not great. What they did in the post season was impressive. However, the 2020 team has a top tier defense that is bordering on becoming elite, as we saw down the stretch. It also has a great offense, scoring 30+ points in every playoff game (a record), and able to score more if they had more time to gel in the off-season. Overall, the 2020 team is more complete, and looks capable of getting even better next year. And what they did to KC defensively was just unbelievable. So I give a slight edge to the 2020 team for the most impressive award. Very slight edge.

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