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    • TB-BucFan4Life

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      Brate, Gronk or Howard? Tough decision really. All three will cost a minimum of 6 mil. We obviously can’t pay three TE’s that kind of money.

    • Mic

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      Brate took a paycut and was paid 4.25 this year I expect it to be the same amount again

    • Hockey Duckie

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      Gronk is returning. He’s Brady’s safety blanket and they’re on the same page, especially when a play breaks down. For some reason, Gronk already knows where to go as seen in the Super Bowl’s 2nd TD reception.

      Brate appears to be on the same page with Brady catching the ball as another safety outlet, but Brate can’t block like Gronk can.

      Howard is like Gronk, such that he can block and catch the ball. Unfortunately, Howard has been made out of glass. That potential is so very high, though!

      Out of the three, Howard might be the one to move on from, but you can trade him rather than just to cut him. But I’d rather not only because Brady has transformed this offense to utilize TE’s once again. Remember, under Arians, TE’s weren’t utilized much and preferred big time slot WRs like Godwin.

      2019 Receiving Targets

        1. Godwin: 121 targets (1,333 yds)
        2. Evans: 118 targets (1,157 yds)
        3. Perriman: 70 targets (645 yds)
        4. Brate: 55 targets (311 yds); 8.6 ypc
        5. Howard: 53 targets (459 yds); 13.5 ypc

      Brate (55), Howard (53), Hudson (5), Auclair (3), McElroy (1) = 117 total TE targets
      Total targets = 630
      TE target PCT = 18.6%

      2020 Receiving Targets

        1. Evans: 109 targets (1,006 yds)
        2. Godwin: 84 targets (840 yds)
        3. Gronk: 77 targets (632 yds); 13.8 ypc
        4. Brown: 61 targets (483 yds)
        5. Miller: 53 targets (501 yds)
        9. Howard: 19 targets (146 yds); 13.3 ypc

      Gronk (77), Brate (34), Howard (19), Hudson (7) = 137 total TE targets
      Total targets = 626
      TE target PCT = 21.9%

      Crazy how much Brady changed the philosophy of this offense. It’s as if we went traditional (err… like how Koetter did things). Gronk had 77 targets!

      Look at Howard’s production, though. It’s so difficult not to look at his production and explosiveness.

      I’d rather let go of Godwin and re-sign AB on the cheaper end to keep all three TE’s. We disguise so much of our offense with more than one TE on the field. It sucks that we can’t keep everyone, but that’s where we’re at after winning the Super Bowl.

    • RHBucsFan

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      Gronk and Brate will be back next year.

      OJ probably will too, though I wouldn’t miss him if he left.

    • seekpar

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      Howard. No stats needed. The best ability is availability. Can’t use a guy who is constantly rehabbing.

    • JC5100

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      Howard can’t go. His contract is guaranteed for injury and there’s no way he passes a physical in the next two weeks.

      Brate would need to take a paycut to stay. Would be nice to get Gronk at less than $10M but unlikely.

      • BuccaNOLEer

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        The Bucs exercised the 5th year option on Howard’s contract. Big mistake. He has not lasted a full season once in the four years he has been here. If he ends 2021 on IR, I think the Bucs move on from him.

    • seekpar

      Post count: 1035

      Trade Howard then. Should be able to get something decent in return.

      • JC5100

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        Can’t trade a player who can’t pass a physical. He’s really not that bad of a contract anyway.

    • seekpar

      Post count: 1035

      Trade him after he passes his physical then. Should be some interest out there.

    • buccnation

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      Gotta keep Howard. He was Brady’s favorite tight end in the beginning of the year. His potential is too high.

    • BucBalla85

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      I probably wouldn’t trade Howard. I think he’s a super star in the making. As long as he stays healthy of course. Which people do make a good point about his availability. If he is stopping the team in retaining any other guys that are too important to leave then maybe we trade him. Gotta go for the repeat while we can.

    • Swash

      Post count: 178

      Trading Howard for draft capital wouldn’t be the worst move if the # is right.

      • JC5100

        Post count: 3256

        He won’t pass a physical before the draft. He’s not going anywhere.


      Post count: 2743

      Gronk may retire.

      Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

      If he comes back it sure won’t be for 10 mil.

      If OJ is healthy & Gronk returns brate needs to restructure.

    • Bucman

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      Brate is gone if Gronk comes back.

    • xbucsx_4_xevax

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      Why trade OJ when he’s the youngest TE and most talented… I get it he can’t stay healthy but guys sometimes catch breaks in life and this kid is due for one… if anyone needs to go is Brate although he took a paycut im sure NE would give up a 4th for him and his 4.2mil contract…

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