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    • Eric Horchy

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      Rookie quarterback Jameis Winston is an emotional, passionate athlete and Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter wouldn’t have it any other way.“I think passion is great,” Tampa Bay’s first-year coordinator said Wednesday. “I think passion by any player is fantastic. Whatever emotion – and passion being one of those – that a player has on display, as long as it’s not affecting his play or the play of the other players, I think is great. And one thing about Jameis is I don’t think he’s ever fake-emotional. I think whatever you see from Jameis, from what I’ve seen, has always been real.”

    • Anonymous

      Post count: 5954 watch. Is it me or does the Tampa media actually ask tougher questions of our first year OC?  My opinion of Dirk has steadily increased watching his offense and hearing him in these. He is HC material imo. Really hope he is doing that for us next season.

    • Anonymous

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          Hopefully the Glazers are listening. Koetter right now is far more important to the Bucs future tha Lovie…

    • Marcia

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      I dont know. He’s in a lot of cross hairs out there and seems to have handled himself pretty well.  Better than a lot of veterans have handled themselves in similar or worse situations than Donald.  He gets a passing grade this season for how he handled the responsibilities both on an off the field this season.  Impressive.

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