Would QBSIM or STRIVR be a good fit for Jaimes? Has he tried any of these?

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    My biggest complaint with Jaimes is his decision making. I don’t think he is really good at it. And he gets frustrated during the battle which leads to mistakes. I like the rest of his game and think he could be a star. I don’t know the progress of Virtual Reality simulations for quarterbacks. Maybe they are not quite good yet. But with QBSIM and STRIVR being marketed to NFL teams could this be something that Jaimes could benefit from? I would love PR to do an article on it. As much as we spend on players, wouldn’t this be a great tool to educate and see where he needs improvement? Mental reps with scoring (decision making scoring) would help him process the defense and go through progressions faster. Kind of a mental muscle memory. With NFL practices limited, there is no way he is going to get better without reps. I took speed reading in high school and it actually works. Its a loose comparison but I think its appropriate. This game is a mental game. Especially at QB. Bruce is very progressive when it comes to hiring diversification. Maybe he should be progressive at new technologies as well. As Jaimes’ brain goes, so goes the BUCS! What have we got to lose?

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