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      I’m sure most of us would be in agreement here.

      Round 1 in 2021 draft? Cb, ol, dl. Any particular order.

      Now? Dont need an early cb, dont need an early ol. At least round 1 or 2.

      DL/front 7 will be the biggest need. Suh, jpp, lvd all impending free agents.

      The o line is a top 5 if not 3 unit atm. Secondary top 10 at least. Both have come along nicely. Major props to JL, Arians, Bowles, Brady for this turnaround!

      Go Bucs!

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    • RHBucsFan

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      is everyone good with Donovan Smith now?

      I’m a huge fan of building the trenches with draft picks, especially early on

    • TBChucky

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      Smith has performed well enough in the postseason that I doubt that the Bucs will move on from him. I agree that our front 7 needs to be addressed as priority #1. First two picks can basically be any combo of Edge/DT, Edge/Edge, or DT/Edge. After the second round I hope they flood the trenches on both sides with picks for quality depth. More picks like Cappa can pay dividends in time. He’s turned into a quality starter after a slow start.

    • dexmonkey

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      we definitely need to address Edge and DT early. also need to figure out C pretty early as well depending on if we resign Jensen or not. im not ruling out an OT at all either if one falls to us with great value and we deem he can play OG. Cappa has played well but iron sharpens iron and we can always use a little depth and competition. Smith is still streaky and we can get out from his contract from here on out so if he doest play well in 2021 then we can move on</p>
      <p>id like to look early-ish at LB as well. LVD aint getting any younger and the drop off in depth after him and White is pretty steep. never hurts to be a little ahead of the curve in case of injury or regression

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    • TBChucky

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      Mike Edwards is a great option as the #3 Safety. But I think we learned this weekend that you basically need four solid options at safety. Or at least a CB that can play the position good enough in spot duty..

    • BuccaNOLEer

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      Kwitty Paye’s stock is rising by the day. I think Joe Tyron from Washington would be a good pick for an edge rusher where we now stand, now that we’ve gone to picking no higher than 31 in the draft. If they choose to go the DT route in round 1, a good choice would be Daviyon Nixon of Iowa.

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    • seekpar

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      Smith’s had a good playoff run. Maybe the coaches had a come to Jesus meeting with him.

    • Team Pteranodon

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      I don’t see how this should be answered before first addressing free agency for the players we have, there’s a lot of big contracts to be considered both for resigning and releasing which would be a factor for what the needs are.

    • TowMater69

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      Donovan Smith was average (at best) all 2019 and 2020 and was lazy. The postseason effort has the feel of a contract year push. Re-signing him or extending seems like a recipe for disaster for the salary cap in the post Brady years.

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