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    • Vance

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      We already loss the super bowl before the game is even played. Ok, let’s shock the the world fellas !!!! Go Bucs !!!

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    • Lawdy

      Post count: 780

      everyone doubted us in 2002 against the eagles and then doubted us against the raiders. and now they doubted us against the saints and packers and we keep provin them wrong, go bucs!

    • buc_boi

      Post count: 3257

      We’ve already won.

      Y’all haven’t seen nothin yet, If you thought we were underdogs to the saints and packers.

      Upset special, No ones going to give us a chance in hell to win this game.


      Post count: 2554

      Same thing vs NO GB. Most experts took both.

      Brady is always the underdog somehow lol.

      Helps fuel him, no doubt!

    • RHBucsFan

      Post count: 1800

      We all believe! Go Bucs!!!

    • TBChucky

      Post count: 1408

      Hopefully they’ll take the same revenge approach that helped them beat New Orleans! There shouldn’t be any shortage of motivation. We’re playing the defending champs in the Super Bowl, in our home stadium! Should be an epic showdown! I personally hope everyone else continues to doubt us!! Let’s show everyone!! GO BUCS!!

    • theknees

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      Everyone views KC as this swiss army knife offense. Tampa has more weapons with more experience, a better OL, and better D. Having faced KC helps Brady more than Mahomes as Brady understands through experience really what to look for in a rematch as he faces the defense for a second time.

    • Mark

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      Let them run the line up high, I’m betting big on Bucs moneyline! We’re going to cook the chefs!

    • BucBalla85

      Post count: 2217

      Keep the doubt up as they picked against the bucs the last two games too.

Viewing 8 reply threads
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