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      A good football friend posed this thought to me today: "Who will play Flanker and Split End with J-Vax and Evans? Tedford's plans on using his 2 6'5" WRs... Are they interchangeable? Or is J-Vax playing split end as he knows how to get off press coverage but he's the best WR so that's not ideal.. Evans production could be stunted with NFL CBs in his face (he's only coming in with 2 years experience in a really really simplified O). Air Raid Os don't even have WRs who play on the right practice their routes on the left... So I worry about pencilling in Evans as a starter."So how do we use V Jax and Evans, who is behind them, and can one of the other receivers step in and play a key role? (-Not alarmist here, I think Evans will do fine. How we use him and what other receivers can be depended on may have a big influence in our offense and Evans this year. )

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      For starters, what receivers do we have playing behind those two that we might be able to depend on?

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