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    I don’t think this is a case of the Bucs don’t want Mason Foster. It’s at what price. Mason is a free agent and will likely be offered more in FA (Redskins) than the Bucs think he’s worth.

    Go to minute 2:25 of Frazier’s 12/24 presser and you will hear Frazier say that they don’t see Foster as a SLB. They think he can play MLB and play it well!

    So I think the decision to stay or go will be decided by Mason and it will be driven by the dollars!

    I like Mason and I hope he stays, but it’s a business!

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    Good insight Mac. I like Foster as well. He had a great year in 2013. Struggled early with the Tampa 2. If he can improve coverage skills, could be our guy. But also see a lot of Jamie Duncan in him. And the switch to Shelton Quarrels had a huge impact on the defense effectiveness as SQ could drop into coverage and cover the middle. We’ll see.

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    Mason Foster was a 3rd round pick.

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    It will be all about the money and I wish him the best.

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    I’ve never been impressed with M. Fosters coverage skills 12+ yards beyond the line of scrimmage and since that’s so important in the defense I don’t like him as our long term solution at MLB. At this point I’d rather have Lansanah at MLB and I think the Bucs want to keep Lansanah on the field however possible which means him not playing SLB. I will say that I think Foster lived up to his draft position as he was drafted in the back half of the 3rd round. He made some plays and I wish him the best in his next job…unless he’s playing us of course.

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    Not sure we have many other options….not exactly a MLB strong draft, no great FA…I think the guy we need is just not around….so, if we have to have a MLB (presumably we’re going to keep playing with one) then might as well have Foster back for a few million next year (just no long term guaranteed money)…at least he should know the scheme.

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    I recently read an article (forgive me, I can’t remember where) that controsted the points scored against the Bucs when Foster was in vrs. Those scored when he was not. The difference was fairly significant in Fosters favor. I realize there are many factors to consider, money being one, but I for one hope we keep him. Finally I agree with EastEndBoy, there are not a lot of options out there in 2015. However it is a business so I wish him the best however it turns out.

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    Foster is kind of an average, run of the mill MLB who is probably “good enough.” I suspect Lovie is seeking a special player at the position. A guy who can not only cover the middle in the Tampa 2 but also be that Hardy Nickerson type enforcer. Hard to find that skill set.

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