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    I’m impressed with the Bucs and I’m mad at them all at the same time! I was impressed with my Bucs today because they played better than I thought they would in hostile New Orleans. When you can make the dome crowd boo their own team, we were doing something right.

    I’m mad at them because they played well enough to have me believe that we were going to win and then make just enough errors to kiss the victory goodbye. I think that what Eric means by squander! Mixed emotions are how I would describe it. Making great plays – then committing unnecessary penalties to take them away.

    I even started to like the secondary, then one hands to the face penalty happened at the most inconvenient time changed what could have been. But there were other times when I really liked this team and can see the upside in their game. Some bad eggs, some inexperience, and some bad luck did us in today. But alas, I saw good – good things that we can build on.

    We get a few hurt people well and Sims, Sefarian-jenkins, and Evans up to speed, this team is going to be dangerous. I see the light. And I think Glennon can be our longterm QB. I’m going to wait on them. I think it’s going to be worth the wait.

    Now excuse me while I go try and figure out who we’re going to take with the 3rd pick in the draft! lol

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    You have PI that leads to the throwing an INT. You have non-sense calls like the tackle not being far enough wiping out first downs (the replay showed the T at the same place he always is). You have a late catch, then fumble which is setup for a huge return, the refs just blow the play dead, don’t review it, then you have the final dagger in overtime, the Bucs stop NO and the refs decide that NO needs another set of downs and makeup another call.

    Give me a break PR, stop being so afraid to be called homers that you just gloss over terrible officiating and don’t even mention it. You’re not USA Today, you’re not the paper of record, you’re a site that reports on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and by leaving out obvious information you’re letting your readers down.

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      Agreed . . .I also thought the Leonard Johnson hands to the face call was pretty questionable as well which along with a few charitable non calls for grounding. But the one that had me livid was the Forced Fumble & return being called dead and not even reviewed. Unbelievable reffing in a bad way

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    The players played hard and the coaches coached hard but the outcome of this game didn’t come from any particular person. They just kind of…lost. If anything as Cbrady2k said we could certainly pin a lot of this on the refs, but the refs gave us the game last week with all of those “hands to the face” calls on Pittsburgh. Either way we would have won one and lost the other. Over the past 5 years I’ve seen the most bogus calls imaginable called against the Bucs that I’ve never seen before or since. I’m starting to get numb to it and the Bucs have to find a way to win despite the refs having it in for us.

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    Right now you have to agree we have been competitive in all but one game and we are seeing improvement in this team. This is far better than the Schiano Bucs–you only have to look how poorly we played in this same dome last year. These Bucs are worth watching and they will get a lot better. I now am optimistic on the future.

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    As biased and petty as the officiating was this game it still doesn’t compare to the “leaping” call against Simeon Rice on the Colts missed field goal attempt in 2003. Never saw that one before or since. Collins was no further back off the line than Dotson and the Saints were lined up the same way. The excessive flags and reviews following scores is dampening the spontaneous excitement when after every good play we all look for a flag. Almost inevitable on kick returns.

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    The NFL has become a joke.

    The Refs have way to many calls that can be made now that are subjective and game changing all at the same time. If I was a crooked Ref, I could literally change the outcome of game just with a few well placed calls.
    I say let football games have holding, pass interferance, hands to the face and remove this defenseless reciever call. Let them play.

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    This morning I have nothing bad to say about my Bucs. Can’t have the penalties and that goes without saying.

    It’s probably unfair to lambast the play calling given what has happened to Tedford and Arroyo having to step in on a moments notice. But this is worth mentioning.

    See how Drew Brees changed his downfield strategy when he lost Graham. He beat us with short passes to the RBs out of the backfield.

    We need to get our RBs into space instead of the 1st down up the gut. The play was called back, but you could see how effective Doug was on the screen pass. We need more variety in the offense. I thought we were going to get that from Tedford when we drafted Sims.

    Maybe we’re just a victim of unforeseen circumstances and the loss of Tedford and Sims has set us back more than expected.

    Not complaining, just an observation!

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    Something else I noticed. I don’t know if this is intended or someone is missing a block on extra points.

    The guy coming off of our right end (their left side) is unblocked and is within a hair of blocking the extra point each time.

    One day this is going to cost us a valuable extra point or field goal if not corrected.

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    This team needs to learn how to defend a screen pass. They were running all over us with their screens!

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    The Bucs did a lot of good things, bright spots to give us hope for the future. Quite a moral victory. Oh, by the way I can’t attend, so I am selling my tickets for the Moral Victory Bowl for $1000 apiece if anyone is interested? Well, I doubt that you are, just as I am not interested in moral victories. I am tired of losing and tired of promises. It is just another Bucs year of no playoffs, a draft position higher than we would hope and no franchise QB chosen yet again. Yes there are 11 games left and we could win them all, but really what a waste of a season. It would be quite refreshing to at least not be eliminated from playoff contention until the last quarter of the season, but no, lets take care of business early, so there is no doubt and certainly no hope. I am horribly disappointed in the entire organization. We were fed a pack of lies. I guess it is my fault for being gullible enough to believe their PR bullcrap.

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    That’s Bucs public relations bullcrap not Pewter Report….

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    The Bucs are a work in progress, yeah right and if the Bucs were a building, the housing inspectors would condemn them.

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    and the new uniforms are fugly.

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    TIRED OF LOSING. Hey Bucs, sometime this decade maybe? I won’t be holding my breath.

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    As frustrated as I was from this loss I am excited that Glennon played just about as well as any QB out there… Time will tell but if He keeps this up the rest of the Season I would be Happy to have Him as our QB of the Future… Recievers need to catch the freakin ball and these penalties are getting out of control… Even though the Refs were being extremely petty and might have rigged that game there still at plenty of penalties that need to be eliminated on our own… But I was extremely excited about how our Offense was scoring points and how well out Defense was playing 3/4 of the time… We just need to stop the Bleeding from these penalties and if they can do that they can beat any team out there… I still stand firm that if we do nothing else this year but get our system down pat on both sides of the ball and find all of our holes and in turn have a Good Draft and FA in 2015 that we can go all the way possibly staring next year… But there is still a lot of Season left and with the way they are playing anything is possible… And Buctebow if I had the money I would buy your tickets… And if you are gonna give up on our team then please do sell your tickets because We need people in the stands that Love this Team and don’t need any more haters in the stands… So I truly wish you Luck in selling your tickets and definitely Hope that it works out…

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