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    Well Lovie had no doubt about making Josh the starter over Glennon without any competition, but he’s being coy about naming Glennon the starter. Maybe calling Glennon the back up is prudent considering he got it wrong the first time with McCown. It’ll play itself out. Glennon plays well in Josh’s absence, he’ll remain in charge.

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    Sometimes it seems Lovie says things just to instigate responses from fans. But really it’s up to Mike Glennon now. If he plays well he’s keep playing. If not, maybe not. I still think he SHOULD because we have got to know all we can in order to decide on the position for 2015 and beyond. And a 36 year old career backup is not the answer. Glennon has his chance now and must make the best of it. I think he will.

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    That’s the optimistic take, Garv. History says Lovie is being stubborn to a fault. If that’s the case, then he’s Schiano 2.0, the unwanted sequel. If Glennon plays well, he MUST play. If Lovie brings back McCown, then he’s got no business coaching us.

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    He is saying that Josh McCown could play if something happened to Mike Kafka.. This weeks backup. He didn’t refer to Mike Glennon as the backup..

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    What good would it be for Lovie to say Glennon is the started and he does terrible in the Saints game? If Glennon bombs, Lovie then states McCown is healthy now and is ready to play again. If McCown then bombs again, Lovie declares he is replacing McCown for Glennon to determine what he has and doesn’t have in the QB position. The part that bothers me the most is Kafka is not an NFL QB and we should at least have another QB on the PS as an additional option.

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    I think CanadianBuc is right. It read to me like he’s referring to Kafka as the backup, not Glennon. If he was referring to Glennon, then that is a direct insult and not something Lovie is known to do. This seems to me to be a mountain out of a molehill by Horchy.

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    Canadianbuc and Noctus are absolutely correct in their interpretation of Lovie’s statement. Seems the PR boys and girls jumped to a conclusion.

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    Perhaps you’ve have noticed the musical chairs with the 53 roster. I think they are still trying to figure out ‘what have we got here?”.

    The Bucs are dressing RB Mike James and all 3 RBs today. Sims will be back soon and they need to know who plays, maybe who stays.

    Same is true at the QB position. We need to know what we got! What if we got two back-up QBs? Kinda hard to name a starter if that’s the case.

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