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    Title made me think we were talking Mariota.

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    I remember the days when we had rivals and the talk leading up to game was on how much we hated the team we were about to play (Packers, Eagles, Colts, Rams, Saints, Panthers) or how much we hated a player on the other team (B. Farve, D. McNabb, R. Proehl, D. McCalister, J. Peppers, S. Smith). Now all we do is bash the Bucs and debate with each other the week leading up to the game. The anticipation of seeing that d#@% kid pictured above with that stupid hat yelling at our players in our house stirs up a few of those feelings. I can’t wait until we draft a QB and O-line, get a OC and build this team to a level where we feel like we have chance to beat anybody.

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    pinkstob…I to remember the days we couldn’t beat GB. Then we became good and started to beat GB and the other teams in the Central Div. Then we became VERY GOOD and won the SB. What a ride that was! Hope this is the last year we see another team come down here and take over OUR Stadium. We need to get that franchise QB this year and start our climb back to the top again. As the old saying goes, the bandwagon fans will come back if you start to win! Everyone loves a winner so I have no problem picking Winston if that’s what it takes and or Mariota. Just win baby, Just WIN!

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    Scubog, is that you with the cheese head hat on to blend in? Seriously, I feel for Sunday.

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    I’ll be there defending our honor as best I can. I am a bit of a smart a$$. I remember the old Bay of Pigs games when both teams were bad. Then along comes Brett Favre and suddenly the “Mystique of Lambeau Field” that was gone from the mid 60’s to the mid 90’s returned. I will say, this is one game I’m actually not looking forward to attending. It’s just a shame that so many of our season ticket holders are so willing to sell their passes on the various ticket exchanges. I remember when we first opened RayJay and it was all season ticket holders and only a few tickets available for the opposing fans. One woman from Wisconsin actually had the gall to complain that she couldn’t get a ticket. So what we have here is transplanted people from all over the south and some who may still live in Wisconsin that will take over our stadium like some sort of invading army. All because our fans let them. You people that want the Bucs to lose to get the first pick. Come sit with me on Sunday and see if that’s your focus. Go Pack Go…..key word “go” Why just a piece of cheese on your head? Stick your head up the cow’s a$$. Is it true that a “Packer” is the term given to the farmer who uses that milking stool to stand on at the back end of old Bessie?

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    I hope these damn Cheese heads go back up to Wisconsin and live in the damn cold and snow. You live here you suffer like us and root for the BUCS!!!!

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      here, here!

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    PR tweeted that the Bucs may need to break out the silent count on offense — at home!

    Might want to break out a silent prayer too!

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      As feesh said from BucsBlitz.com said … My Prediction for this game … Pain

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