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    Well, at least Lovie did something right to get us Jameis.
    The Patriots at no. 23? I thought that would be higher. Maybe their cheating is more high profile.
    Go Bucs! TC is almost here!

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    The biggest disgraceful event for the Bucs was the Bo Jackson incident! How did that workout for us?

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    Bo knows

    -Go Bucs !!!

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    labucfan, if I recall correctly, the website was created by Patriot fans after one of their last few scandals.

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      oh. That explains a lot.

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    The biggest laugh was Dequawn Bowers getting busted for PED’s.

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    Very stupid site. Got to be a Pats Fan to even think of it. And I am pretty sure it was Not illegal that Brad Johnson had the footballs scuffed up.

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    Lest we not forget the Jets game when John McKay allowed the Jets to score so he could get the ball back in an attempt to get James Wilder the all purpose offensive yardage record. Didn’t work.

    I do think Lovie mailed in that Saints game, but after looking back, the same could be said about many games when defeat was grabbed from he jaws of victory. Redskins game comes to mind.

    Got to be a Patriot fan.

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    Really the best they can do is tanking and ball scuffing?

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    I looked at the website again. They have the Patriots “Touch below average NFL cheaters”. I had a good laugh at that one.
    I thought it was interesting that the “Tuck Rule” game was mentioned. That game launched the Patriots’ dynasty. It also was the start of the Raiders eventually trading Gruden to the Bucs and the Bucs winning their Superbowl. Amazing the impact of one call.

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    So let me see if I understand. We cheat more than have the teams in the NFL and we still aren’t worth a damn.

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