The Buccaneers were full pads for the second straight day in their 2015 training camp, and one the defensive and offensive linemen squared off in the pass rush/pass protection drills once again. Three-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy continued to dominate – until he went against center Evan Smith, and left guard Logan Mankins has yet to lose a rep in pass protection.

Center-guard Garrett Gilkey and reserve right tackle Edwan Coughman continue to make a very good impression in pads, and rookie left tackle Donovan Smith fared well on Tuesday. Here is’s rep-by-rep account of what happened when the offensive linemen and the defensive linemen squared off on Tuesday.

BUCS OL vs. DL 1-on-1’s
Dotson continued his dominance in 1-on-1’s, doing a good job of hooking left end George Johnson and wheeling him around. But Johnson got the better of Dotson on the next rep with a bull rush that got under Dotson’s pads and rocked him backwards.

Rookie left tackle Donovan Smith did a fine job on right defensive end Jacquies Smith, who used a speed rush to the outside on his first snap. Smith wheeled him around and out of the play. On the second clash, the defensive end feigned outside and then burst inside for a nice rush, but Smith, the left tackle, saw the counter coming and walled him off inside to claim another victory.

McCoy continued to have his way against right guard Kadeem Edwards, who has not fared well in training camp thus far. McCoy beat him first with a bull rush inside and then with a club on his second rush that caused Edwards to hold him.

Logan Mankins remains undefeated in 1-on-1 drills and locked out defensive tackle Henry Melton on the first rep. On the second snap, Mankins had great balance and set his feet perfectly to shield Melton from making an advancement up-field.

Gilkey continues to impress in camp with his consistency. He had great wins against Da’Quan Bowers, who is working exclusively at defensive tackle, and George Uko, who jumped offsides and was then locked up by Gilkey.

Bucs C Evan Smith and DT Clinton McDonald - Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR
Buccaneers center Evan Smith and nose tackle Clinton McDonald – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Center Evan Smith beat defensive tackle Clinton McDonald off the ball on the first snap and locked him out with proper arm extension and a great base. On the second rep, McDonald had a better get-off and beat Smith with a nice speed rush to the outside.

Reserve right tackle Edawn Coughman continues to shine in training camp. He drove defensive end Will Gholston to the ground on the first rep with power. On the second snap, Coughman walled off Gholston’s outside rush and didn’t give any ground.

Defensive end T.J. Fatinikun squared off against reserve left tackle Kevin Pamphile and the two battled to a draw as Pamphile gave ground, but Fatinkun couldn’t fire his rip fast enough to get the win. However, on the second rep, Fatinikun beat Pamphile with a hard outside speed rush.

Second-string right guard Ali Marpet continued to have some mediocre 1-on-1 battles. George Uko beat him with an inside rip move on the first rep, and then McCoy drubbed him with an easy rip move.

Guard Antoine Everett held Bowers on outside rush, and then lost to McDonald with a quick step inside.

Gilkey came back and had two nice, back-to-back victories against Gholston, who was playing defensive tackle, and Uko. Gilkey locked Gholston up from the snap, and then stepped inside to cut off Uko’s charge. Gilkey, who has had two dominant days during the 1-on-1’s, looks like a new player this year and is off to a good, consistent start.

Center-guard Jeremiah Warren recovered nicely and beat Bowers’ inside rush.

Defensive end Lawrence Sidbury, Jr. beat right tackle Reid Fragle with a quick outside rush. Sidbury and Fragel played to a draw on the final rep as Sidbury’s inside spin beat Fragel to the spot, but he couldn’t finish.

Patrick Omameh, who has been moved from guard to tackle this year and was playing on the left side on Tuesday, beat defensive end Larry English, who has struggled at the start of camp, as English was trying to transition from his outside rush to an inside move. Omameh locked up English’s bull rush on the next rep at the line of scrimmage as English lacked some burst off the snap.

Guard Matthew Masifilo rocked McDonald with a big punch off the ball, stopping his progress and winning the rep. McDonald came back and beat Masifilo with a nice head fake that caused the new guard’s technique and footwork to get sloppy.

Melton used a great swim move to get past Everett and beat him inside.

Coughman used a great get-off and power to stymie Jacquies Smith at the line of scrimmage. Coughman beat Smith again, as his power overcome Smith’s bull rush and he stonewalled him immediately.

Bucs right tackle Demar Dotson and defensive end Jacquies Smith - Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR
Bucs right tackle Demar Dotson and defensive end Jacquies Smith – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Johnson took a rep at right defensive end and beat Smith, the rookie left tackle, with a great hand-over move off the edge. Smith beat Fatinikun with heavy hands and mirrored his pass rush perfectly.

Gholston, who was rushing inside again at defensive tackle, beat Edwards with suddenness and that caused Edwards to hold again. The second rep between the two linemen was considered a draw.

McCoy got a rep against Mankins and the two worked inside to a draw. Mankins and McDonald also battled to a draw.

McCoy then lined up for two reps as a nose tackle with cocked alignment against Smith, the center, and lost both snaps. Smith used superior technique to shut McCoy down on the first match as the three-time Pro Bowler wasn’t used to lining up in one-technique. McCoy fared a bit better on his power rush on the next snap, but Smith still won as he had a wide base and quick fans.

Warren displayed some good feet in beating Uko off the line and locking him down.

Gholston beat Josh Allen off the ball to win with an inside rush from the defensive tackle position.

Fragel beat rookie Ryan Delaire with his long reach and power as he punched Delaire and caused him to stop his feet.

Rookie Jamal Young beat Pamphile with a fast inside rush to end the 1-on-1’s.

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5 years ago

Great report Scott. I’m not feeling the love for Bowers, Gholston, Gilkey, as who are they really dominating? I’m still not sure we have a DE rush yet. We do have some small DE’s and that bothers me. Go Bucs!

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5 years ago

I am with Horse on we need bigger pass rushers. They should try Melton as a DE. He played there some with Dallas. I am also impressed with Everett for the OL! Wow. He sounds even better than Smith at this point to play Tackle. It will take awhile but Marpet will adjust and get better. Edwards sounds like he didn’t build his strength for Camp. So far he and Pamphile are not impressive.

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5 years ago

It would appear that Marpet was a reach from early reports. Hope that changes.

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