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    4 yrs of good not great play gets ring of honor? Ok Denver whatever you say

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    Letting Lynch walk when he was willing to take a pay cut to stay with team is one of the biggest mistakes this franchise ever made, Jermaine Phillips his heir apparent couldn’t stay healthy breaking his forearms over and over again trying to lay people out, it was the start of the downward spiral for this franchise

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    Got to again agree with jongruden; but i believe he did make All Pro 2-3 times while at Denver. I hope these two Ring of Honor’s sends a message to the HOF Committee to let Lynch into the HOF. he need to go in as a Buc and as a Bronco.

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      In the pro football HOF, players don’t go in with a team. That’s only baseball.

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    I really hate agreeing with you jongruden, but you are right.
    Another in a series of blunders by Allen/Gruden when it came to personnel.
    Lynch should have made it into the HOF last year as well instead of Dungy.
    if winning one SB gets you into the Hall, should we expect Gruden next year. Everyone knows the real reason why Dungy was elected and it’s almost an insult for the players who were up for the deserved honor.
    Sortswriters vote for the Hall and unfortunately a large majority of them are jackals with limited intelligence.
    Or as I believe Norm Van Bronklin once said, “if I ever need a brain transplant I will get one from a sportswriter because it’s never been used.”
    Preset company from PR excluded of course.

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    not really my place to tell Denver what to do with their Ring of Honor…but this is just weird…

  6. 6


    Is Oakland going to put Sapp in their next?

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    Maybe we can get Denver sportswriters to lobby for Lynch since Ira Kauffman can’t present him anymore until he gets a newspaper gig.
    I’m no big fan of Kaufman’s, but his ho hum pedestrian writing style was still better than Martin Fennelly’s arrogant style who appears to have landed at the Times.
    Fennelly writes with an arrogant manner that makes u think he is doing you a favor just by letting you read something he wrote.

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