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    To me, ASJ just seems like a guy that has a ton of talent, but can’t be relied on even when he’s healthy. The offense clicked much better last year when Brate was on the field. I really hope ASJ realizes his talent but I have serious doubts.

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    If ASJ isn’t the clear starting TE in his 3rd year in the league you can be sure it isn’t because of one or two injuries. I would hope he gets aligned with some of the older vets to take him under their wing because that is a lot of talent to be wasting on the bench during games.

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    Mr. Koetter isn’t mentioning our secret weapon in Stocker “the Blocker” who had 60 yds total last yr and is a PR Player of the week winner, lol

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    Brate and Humphries are the typical overachievers who play hard but lack size and talent.

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    jongruden, sorry I have to disagree with you about both Brate and Humprries. Brate has the speed, but lacks the overall bulk to be a solid blocker. He needs to put on some weight without losing his speed.
    Humpries isn’t a burner but he has the quickness to work the short and intermediate routes we saw him do last year.
    He also knows how to read the zones and find the open spots which are invaluable. A lot of burners never do this and just rely on their top end speed to get open, i.e. Mike Wallace.
    I thin Chris Hogan, now with the Patriots, is just such a receiver. With the patriots pass game I think he will burn the league up this year.
    As for ASJ, my only complaint with him has always been his availability plus his hot dogging in the Titans game.
    But your favorite players, Stocker, also had trouble staying healthy his first couple of years and is doing fine now, much to your chagrin, jonguden.
    Look, Stocker is and always has been, a blocking TE. It’s not his fault the idiot known as Mark Dominick traded up to get a blocking TE when there are lots available on the free market.
    Anthony Becht was a blocking TE and three teams wanted him enough to sign him.
    I will say ASJ hurt his shoulder on he concrete turf in Atlanta’s dome. Why players would wan to sign FA deals in domes is beyond me.
    There is always a higher incidence of injuries in domes.

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    If you want to say Stocker is a good “blocking TE” fine I’ll give you that but for a guy who has less than 300 receiving in 4 yrs sucks in passing game is not a good TE. Humphries is another Robb Thoams who we had here before if you remember he is quick not fast smallish guy who can make the occasional catch, Hogan is much bigger than Humphries don’t see a comparison there. Brate is a poor man’s TE, does nothing well does everything ok

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      I mean, he’s clearly not a good receiving TE, that’s certainly true. But just about every team in the league has a blocking specialist TE on the team. Stocker is good in that role. It’s undoubtedly unfortunate that we spent a 4th round pick on that skill set, but that doesn’t mean there’s no value in it. There is. Not that it’s a huge thing, but I’m glad to have Stocker, and as long as he does his job well, he’ll have a spot on this team in that role. Just as he should.

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    Well this is up to Jenkins to be in football shape when he arrives to camp. Time to shine or be passed up. Brate I bet will come in in shape with add muscle. i was writing Stocker off until he showed what he had when he was healthy. I’m not sure if it’s enough to make the team this time because we’ll take a Te in the later rounds. I love the competition! Go bucs!

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    Robb Thomas was here for two years I think towards the end of his career and was vastly under utilized.
    Once again jongruden, Brate was a FA, not a No.1 draft pick and is only in his second year.
    Give him time, my friend, give him time.
    Josh Norman, CB of the Panthers was also a FA and didn’t hit his stride until this year.
    Hogan listed as 6’1 Humphries at 5’11. Not a huge difference.
    The real difference is the Patriots like to use a short to intermediate passing game whereas Kotter would rather go vertical more often.
    Hogan has been in the league four years and is just starting to hit his stride. Humphries has one year under his belt.
    Once again, give him time.
    Horse, why in the world would you waste a draft pick on a TE when you have Jenkins, Brate, Stocker and Myers on your team and all in good reasonable contracts.

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      you may want to fact check that statement on norman…he was drafted, not a free agent…

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      And don’t forget Tevin Westbrook, who’s exactly the type of player you could land with that late rounder on a TE – potentially good at one particular thing one day, but clearly a developmental player. Agree completely – with the guys we have on the roster right now, we’re completely full at TE. Unless a guy you have rated REALLY highly just falls way down the draft for unknown reasons, drafting one this year makes 0 sense.

      I do expect Myers to be cut, whether it’s sooner or later. It just doesn’t make any sense to pay your 3rd string TE (which is what he is at this point) $2M. Can’t justify it. He’ll be shown the door at some point before week one. But even then, we’re STILL full at TE.

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        Yes, thanks toofam.- I couldn’t remember ‘Westbrook’. They seem to think they can bring him along

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      Drdneast, Later rounds because if you remember when Jenkins was out injured only Brate really produced in the two TE set. Myers is a little less than average and we already have said Stocker is mostly a blocker and it looks like one of the OL might replace him for some extra depth. Time to grow another TE, again in the very late rounds. We want to make sure Winston always has good to decent TE’s available for him. Just my thoughts and usually not worth much.

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    I think it’s safe to say we have a lot of potential at the TE position. It’s just amazing to me that some fans equate a serious and confirmed injury with a player being a slacker. ASJ was injured and couldn’t play! Can we at least wait until he gets on the field before writing off his talent? Anyone who watched practice sessions (right Pink) can see his ability. I don’t think he’s that guy who calls in sick the first time he has a runny nose and milks it all week.

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      From what I saw in training camp ASJ looked like he was in better physical shape and also quicker in year 2 than he did his rookie season. However both in TC and in games his hands aren’t consistent enough. To me he lacks toughness and focus on the field, even when he’s healthy. When he has to make a catch high or in traffic he doesn’t come through nearly often enough (his Hail Mary catch against Chicago not withstanding). I try to give every player 3 years before I decide what kind of player they are going to be (unless it’s a RB because they transition easily) so I hope ASJ shows vast improvement this season.

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    I agree pinkstob but I have to admit I was one of those who thought he might be malingering last year.
    One of the reasons I felt that way was because all the writers kept saying wait till he comes back he is going to make such a big difference and he’s so great, blah, blah, blah.
    Formed a reactance in me for the guy.
    As I said, he did injure his shoulder in the Georgia Dome. Why don’t they just go out and play the game in the parking lot, it’s the same thing.

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    Sorry, Jenkins was hurt in New Orleans. Same type of concrete floor.

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    ASJ is a split end not a tight end. He is made of glass and will crumble again if they line him up tight. Let him block on the 2nd level against LB and DB’s. Use 3 TE sets and Doug will have another good year

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    I can’t write a guy off because he’s been injured…should we have written off GMC? Doug Martin struggled through injuries for 2 seasons…Drew Brees was a shell of himself for two years with his shoulder issues…and so on. I’m sure there are lots of examples of guys that had injuries and were terrible too…but I think ASJ has performed well when on the field and healthy, and I for one am looking for big things from him this year…let’s call it 600 yards and 6 TDs as a real TE threat in the league.

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