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    I was on board for one last year for Lovie, but I think that keeping Koetter- and making improvements on D coaching, could bring a quicker turnaround- along w/ Licht and crew killing another draft!

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      I think that the bucs are at a crossroads on this bucs team. I think it was time that the owners was tired of the same oh same oh year after year. Decides to make it right for everybody. No#1 get the right coach, get the right offensive and defensives coaches. pick the best players available in the draft. No reaches, only good or great players bring in good veterans that will play for 16 games, not 4 to 9 games. Iam 70 yrs old I want to see Tampa start turning the team around. keep the players that want to play. go bucs

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    I woke up this morning to this news. Wow. It has to be Koetter. Please don’t even consider Chip Kelly The guy is a cancer and a liar. Football is no fun with him for sure.

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    Here is my take. Lovie took the play calling away from coach Frazier and the defense got WORSE. He could not settle on a CB combo, and all his hand picked guys were terrible. Coach Koetter took a rookie QB, and 5 other rookies over the season and made them viable, progressing over that time. Coach Koetter would be a great pick as head man. Also, do you think the Glazier brothers also were thinking they could lose the fan base if Lovie returned?

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    Scott- This line out of your article, in my opinion, is an important point that needs more attention than I believe it will get.

    “The 2016 draft will have to be loaded with defensive players, but Koetter and Licht will need to find at least a stud speed receiver to help Winston stretch the field vertically and take some of the attention away from Evans in the passing game.”

    There is no way to fill all of this team’s needs in the short term. As always it comes down to what do you go after now. Of course it should be the biggest need. But that’s only part of it. The draft/FA player search should also always make the biggest impact. For example, hypothetically, if there was another QB available to Bucs this year that was likely better than Winston, should they pass on him because we don’t apparently have a need at QB this year? Maybe. But what if that QB was a better QB than a potential DE we need is at being a DE? I know it’s impossible to answer that question. It’s only an example. My point is to say that a great WR would be more of an important impact to this team than anything we can find on defense. It was so obvious to me when VJax was not in the game. Defenses played the run and covered Evans. It worked most of the time. The Bucs need more than one great WR. Evans is great at times but he obviously couldn’t do it alone. The draft/FA debate will rage on until the spring. But this league is about scoring points now. Yes defense is needed. But we have lots of needs; scoring more points is the biggest need of all.

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    Love Koetter I think he will make good head coach. Went to bed late last night and got the alert on my NFL app. And was somewhat shocked. I mean I knew Lovie did a horrible job but with three years left….Kudos to the Glazers for having the balls to make the change and not to mention the financial aspect. It was time for a change. Lovie is fine person and I wish him and his family all the best.

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    personality & being fun doesn’t win football games either LOL freaking trainwreck of an franchise…

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      I wonder, how fun is Bill Belichick? He might be a barrel of laughs. He doesn’t seem that way in PC’s. He seems like a businessman. The bucs players really liked Raheem Morris as well. Now of course it’s not a bad thing to have your players like the coach. But I think respect would be more valuable. It looks like Koetter has their respect. Let’s see a PR article on that aspect.

    2. 6.2


      So you must’ve been one of the two people who liked Lovies game day blunders and blank stares. Lovie sucked. He was behind the times and didn’t know how to adjust at all. I dont Want to hear the talent argument either as ALL of the free agents he picked were terrible. The glazers, like the rest of us, are tired of watching Lovie look like an idiot out there. Nice guy , but not a winner.

      1. 6.2.1


        no i just sick of seeing a new damn coach & system every two years & so are the players… it’s stupid & doesn’t work! Welcome to Cleveland Browns South

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    Scott if we promote Koetter does give us an early jump on the season? Also someone on staff to interview should be Hardy Nickerson. Not only would this satisfy the Rooney rule, but we might find our next D.C..

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    On board with showing Lovie the door …

    Why does hiring Koetter as HC give me flashbacks to hiring Raheem … Koetter has gone from being an OC we never heard of to the best HC prospect we can find in 1 year ?

    Dont have any names i would suggest instead (to be honest the last decade has drained my interest/excitement significantly) but this just sounds like the same language that was being thrown around when we hired Ra. This guy is going to be awesome we need to give him the job now even though he might not be ready or we will lose him.

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      You’ve never heard of koetter? What have you lived under a rock? Koetter has been busy making guys like David garrard look like all pros. Not to mention his work with Matt Ryan.

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    Guys…this is pretty simple….keeping Koetter and the 5th rank offense, and same system for Jameis was more important than giving a 8-24 coach with bookend 4 loss beginning and ending of the season against teams, but one, that should have been wins. And this guy did it mostly without VJ, one starting WR, and below average TE. It is clear as glass boys.

  10. 10


    1.) It’s not a Raheem situation. Raheem had never even been a coordinator in the pros and was younger than his players. That happened because the Glazers let Gruden become toxic in the press, didn’t want to spend any money on players, and they thought they could get Tomlin. They forgot that Tomlin inherited a stable franchise with six years of high draft picks, two veteran coordinators and lots of help from the officials. Oh, and he had also been a pro coordinator.

    2.) Koetter’s been a head coach and a very successful O-coordinator I hope he has a Gruden situation where he calls the offensive plays and our D-coordinator has a lot of autonomy. Otherwise we might lose what we have with Jameis’ work with him. He’s clearly found the balance of work and play that Raheem didn’t master.

    3.) Lovie had to go. He’s like Jeff Fisher, and it was a desperate gambit to recapture the Dungy days in a game that has moved on in the last twenty years. He didn’t impress me in Chicago, and he didn’t impress me here.

    4.) Koetter sounds like a lot of fun to work for.

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    I agree with mark2001. This is all about Winston and preserving continuity which means we already have our head coach. It’s a preemptive strike to keep K in the building. As usual I disagree with PR’s perspective and focus on the 8-24 record, etc. If they didn’t think K would leave I’m guessing Lovie would have gotten another year. Raheem was obviously unqualified, we knew that the day he was hired. I don’t hear anyone saying that about K

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    Question for PR, in order to comply with the Rooney Rule, who do you think the Bucs would/should interview? Thanks

  13. 13


    Koetter is a good move. Winston just had over 4000 yds in his rookie year. Obviously we have our Franchise QB. In 40 yrs, I have seen this organization destroy the careers of several QB’s. We have to stop doing that.

  14. 14


    Well said fredster. I know you and I have differed about Lovie but I see you take no glee in man losing his job.
    Let’s remember though, the Bucs fired Gruden and hired Morris for the exact same reasons and we saw how that worked out.
    But at the same time, I don’t see Koetter the same as the immature Morris who liked to go out on the town with his starting QB.
    Twistedwires you nailed it when you used the Bill Belichek comparison. I have used it often when people talk about how much they hated Lovie’s calm, cool, dispassionate manner and thought it was the main reason they should fire him.
    Forgot where I heard or read this, but it was said the main reason Lovie was fired was because the Glazer’s wanted Lovie to get a new defensive coordinator and fire some assistant coaches and he was unwilling to do so.
    That makes a lot of sense to me.

    1. 14.1


      Your sentiments are not here Drs. From what I’ve read, I know you can’t believe everything you read, they wanted Lovie to jettison some of his defensive staff and he didn’t want to. If that’s the case then he even more so deserved to be fired as his defensive staff, along with his son, were terrible. Except for hardy, love him. Should be an interesting offseason that’s for sure.

  15. 15


    where’s drdneast? Those Glazer’s joined the “Lovie hater’s as drdneast would call anyone who wasn’t happy with Lovie’s leadership, defensive scheme, arrogance, and terrible coaching of players. So happy the Glazer’s fired him; I was not happy thinking we had to deal with Lovie for another year. Go Bucs!

  16. 16


    First of all…Buc’s need to KNOW what they want in a head coach FIRST!!Is it a defensive head coach….offensive?? Then interview those types of coaches. Koetter would seem to fit if it’s an offensive head coach. I would rather see a younger defensive minded head coach but understand the want to keep Koetter in house. Bottom line…get the best coach available for their needs.

  17. 17


    To begin, I like Koetter – seems to have a good handle on football, the NFL, players, and certainly offense. My concerns:
    1) we just took the strongest part of our coaching staff and eliminated it…we now need an OC.
    2) if Koetter expects to be both HC and OC, the history of that working is limited.
    3) he was an excellent OC but his track record as a HC is mediocre at best.
    4) This doesn’t help our defense at all, which was our weak point.

    Having said all of that, I probably would have done this too if it meant keeping him versus losing him to another team…but boy oh boy do we need to find some top notch Coordinators now….and in a hurry…I recall the Raheem Coordinator mess we found ourselves in and hope to heck we learned to never go down that road again…

  18. 18


    They need to either hire Koetter and give him at least two years or bring in an offensive guru that caters to Winton’s skill set and give him at least three years. That way he gets three years in the same system. Can you name one successful QB that’s been successful that has had multiple OC’s in the beginning of their careers?

  19. 19


    If they don’t hire Koetter, the firing Lovie is a complete disaster because anyone else that comes in will completely rebuild the staff. Starting from scratch for the 4th time since the Gruden years spells at least 3 more years of futility and retards the growth of Winston. If they do hire Koetter then they need to shore up a defense that has a lot of holes and poor coaching. There were some good players, but a lack of coaching created a revolving door and a lack of continuity on that side of the line of scrimmage. That leads to disaster. I can’t believe Banks,Vernon and McDouglad were as bad as they looked this year.

    1. 19.1


      Right w/ ya JayBuc52…keep what worked, and fix what was broken. We can’t go back to square 1 w/ everything.

  20. 20


    This was my last post on the Lovie Smith saga.
    Macabee December 28, 2015 2:32 am

    This is not meant to discourage dialogue on this issue. Please have your say, but for me this is a Glazer issue or non-issue if they see fit. I have no interest in trying to influence or decide for them. They are quiet owners who seldom make public their views. However, they have not in the past appeared hesitant or unwilling to make coaching changes. Previous coaches have been fired with better win/loss records. I trust they are aware of the current situation. I will know sooner or later what their intentions are. They brought Lovie here, only they can take him away. Let the congregation say Amen! Amen!

    Well, the Glazers have spoken and I have no concerns about this change. I didn’t jump up and down when Lovie was hired. I take no solace in the fact that he has been fired. I don’t have enough answers yet to offer any definitive opinion yet. But I do have questions.

    Has Jason Licht’s GM role changed? Does he now have total control – control of the draft and the 53 roster? Will they make Koetter HC or will the Glazer’s chase a high profile HC as they have done before. There is great concern about Winston’s continuity on field, but will the next coach, be it Koetter or otherwise have an off-field continuity program for Winston as Lovie did. I assume that we will have a complete defensive make over. How will McCoy, Alexander and LVD be affected by the change? Too many questions now and too few answers – hopefully I will be able to offer an informed opinion as the process continues!

  21. 21


    I guess this post is more of a “what if exercise” for those of you who are better informed than me. I hope Koetter is chosen. Would a first time NFL coach earn less and thus offset the cost of paying 3 head coaches in 2016? Presumably Licht would consult him on a new OC which once hired would take control of the offense and allow Koetter to focus on the HC position. Would this affect his development of Jameis and other components of the Buc’s improved offense. Not having been exposed to Koetters leadership style would Licht have a greater role in choosing assistant coaches and would their experience level help or hinder a new head coach. (IE, Mike Smith, Swartz,) Would Koetter be on a short leash like his three predecessor’s. Finally, Off the wall, does anyone think that Hardy Nickerson would make a good DC?

    1. 21.1


      Why do you give a damn of how the coaches get paid?

  22. 22


    Oc Coordinator goes to HC; QB Coach goes to OC.
    DC is another issue because they might bring in a 3-4 defensive scheme or stay in a 4-3. Whatever it will be, it will be a major change from what we had and I’m happy. McCoy could be traded and I bet all we get is a 2nd and a 3rd, but that would help to fill in the pieces. McCoy contract is huge. I’m excited as we get to see a new scheme coming forward in the Defense. I want so fired up players on the Defense playing as a team. Go Bucs!

    1. 22.1


      Exactly. New defensive scheme and hope for something better because we had NO HOPE if things stayed the same. Trading McCoy would even work for me to if we got the compensation you mentioned Horse.

  23. 23


    As a longtime Buc season ticket holder who went to the SB and then moved to PHX right as Koetter became coach at ASU I am leaning toward this being the right move if he is made coach. However, Buc fans should Google why he was let go at ASU.
    A big reason was his inability to recruit top talent (something he won’t have to worry about in the NFL) but his teams were very undisciplined both on and off the field. He also had an almost complete disregard for the importance of defense to a teams overall success. Having said that, I’m hoping this ends up being a situation similar to Bill B in NE where he failed at Cleveland, learned from it and became a great coach.

  24. 24


    I like Koetter. But I’m not sure whether he was solely responsible for Winston’s success…perhaps it was as much the work of the QB coach. Herman Edwards made a good point when he said that if Koetter gets hired, it could create a locker room problem as players become suspicious of why a good head coach (in their opinion) was let go just to keep an OC when the team was (in their opinion) heading in the right direction…and perhaps there are other OCs just as capable as Koetter.

    I truly hope the Bucs make the right decision. If not, the Bucs will continue to compete with the Titans, Browns, Raiders & Jags for the worst team in the league…for years to come.

  25. 25


    There is a reason why the Buccaneers have been a trainwreck since the Glazer babies took over reigns from Malcolm in the 2000’s, because they are idiots.

    So you really like your OC, who is getting some attention to be a HC. As a result you fire your own HC to promote him to no longer be your OC. That seems like a genius idea! Oh, the QB coach will now be the OC, great! That’s practically like having Koetter still be the OC, even if it isn’t.

    There is no doubt that Koetter was a huge improvement over a 32 year old college coach with limited experience in Arroyo, literally every NFL coach would have been. But do we recall that Jameis Winston was picked number one overall for a reason? He set college records in total offense with FSU as a freshman. Is it possible that the key to the successful offense was maybe as much Jameis as it was Koetter?

  26. 26


    A few things, I heard that we let Lovie go with a phone call. Stay classy Bucs. 2. We were the 20th ranked scoring offense. And anyone who watched the Bucs knows that our let’s run Martin on 1st and 2nd down offense was extremely predictable. It looks like we will hire Koetter. I will get on board when that happens. But can we look at McDaniel, Kelly, and Hue Jackson first?

  27. 27


    Don’t read into things that you don’t know about has to the how and why Lovie was fired. It’s pretty obvious to the majority of Buc Fans. Might I remind some of the fans that Lovie was with the Glazers all afternoon and I bet Lovie had a good idea that if the phone rang and it’s the Glazers wasn’t going to be good.

  28. 28


    Also, I think the dolphins have or will in the next few days interview 11 candidates. Odds that Koetter gets that job, not high at all.

  29. 29


    Horse, I posted right above you. Try using the scroll button.
    Cgmaster, I think you are agreeing with me but then you said you didn’t. But I agree with you in the fact if Loviedidn’t want to get rid of the DC and some of his coaches, then he needed to go.
    This is why you shouldn’t hire friends anf family for jobs.
    If your son goes home at 6 when he should be staying in the office till 8, are you going to fire him. Probably not.
    More important then losing Lovie and possibly Koetter is the fact we might lose Jon Robinson, the director of college scouting, to the Dolphins.
    As I have always said, great players make great coaches. That starts by picking the right player out of college.

    1. 29.1


      Haha honestly I have no idea what the first sentance was I wrote there. I think the point I was trying to make was about the defensive staff being let go and Lovie didn’t want it. Then frazier, Byrd and Lovies son all got let go today as well so it’;s a strong possibility that is one of the reasons.

  30. 30


    I guess that means that Frazier is also out. I think the head coach is clearly going to be Koetter. The next discussion is who moves in to take over for Frazier

  31. 31


    Cleveland Browns South! Licht & Co. better knock the HC & coordinator hires along with the 2016 draft out the park… or this trainwreck just got worse…

  32. 32


    I know Koetter well as an ASU Fan and I can tell you that while he made qb’s look good like Andrew Walter, Sam Keller (who he disciplined and kicked off team) and Rudy Carpenter he was never a good head coach here at ASU, had good offenses but terrible defense ASU Fan Base wanted him gone after losing terrible bowls to lesser teams like Hawaii in Hawaiin Bowl in 2006 and left with a barely above over record 40-34, so if I didn’t want him to be our ASU Coach why in Gods name do I want him to be our head coach? I think he is a good coordinator and qb’s coach, head coach nah I’ll pass

  33. 33


    Side Note -Koetter ASU Team beat than Rutgers Coach Greg Schiano in 2005 Insight Bowl 45-40 ha

  34. 34


    Has anyone considered Nick Saban yet? Im aware of his attitude towards the NFL and would likely need control of personnel but he always said his undoing was not having a quarterback. Wouldn’t tampa be a perfect fit for him? Don’t get me wrong dirk koetter is great but the last head coaching job he had was Arizona State, and what lost him his job there was his inability to acquire the right talent. Nick Saban i think has the perfect mindset we need; for one he;s a defensive minded coach which we desperately need, but he also has something that Jameis talked about – that winner atmosphere he emits. Just thought id ask you guys your thoughts since it seemed no one has really brought him up yet.

  35. 35


    Has anyone considered Nick Saban yet? Im aware of his attitude towards the NFL and would likely need control of personnel but he always said his undoing was not having a quarterback. Wouldn’t tampa be a perfect fit for him? Don’t get me wrong dirk koetter is great but the last head coaching job he had was Arizona State, and what lost him his job there was his inability to acquire the right talent. Nick Saban i think has the perfect mindset we need; for one he;s a defensive minded coach which we desperately need, but he also has that winner atmosphere. Just thought id ask you guys your thoughts since it seemed no one has really brought him up yet.

  36. 36


    what about nick saban? defesive mind+ winning mindset

  37. 37


    This is great Kabuki theater! Koetter is the pick and that’s ok with me. But the drama being sold as an extensive search is a farce! Check to see how many outside interviews Koetter makes and how many coaches on the offensive side of the ball are let go. I’m surprised they didn’t pay Frazier $20 to take the Rooney rule interview before he left to grease the skids. Think about it! Name a new coach that has ever come in and didn’t bring his own OC? As difficult as it will be to attract anybody worth a nickel for what most believe is at max a 2 year stint, no coach is going to come in and be forced to take the incumbent offensive staff. Doesn’t happen because it’s not going to. NFL protocol requires they go thru the motions and that they will do. But like it or not, Koetter is already your next Bucs HC!

  38. 38


    If I was the glazers sean McDermott would be head coach if dirk leaves so what the defense can’t be ignored

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