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    Hmmm…just not sure yet. Was it really coaching and not lack of talent too?

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      I thought out of all the DB’s last year, Conte actually played pretty well.

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        Yes, I agree; that’s what bothers me. I’m still not sure what we have at Safety yet.



          My friend in Chicago always hated him. He has recently told me he has changed he’s mind about him. He believes and so do I that all his issues were all bad coaching by Lovie. GO BUCS

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    Come on haters. Let’s here it!

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    Iam please that the bucs are working to improve the Safety position this year. But just a note in a pre-draft for 2017. Some Experts says the WRF is No#1 prioety.Safety No#2 ,OT & Edge positions are No#3 Concerns.I think Safety should be main concerns next year.

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    I believe!

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    Conte has definitely shown flashes. Always catches the injury bug for some reason. He had a steady year last year, even in Lovie’s Predictable 2. With some competent coaching, he could be a pleasant surprise this year.

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    If the D line improves then the back end will follow.

    Go Bucs !!!

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    Lots of good posts here. All the good vibrations directed towards Conte will surely drive jongruden into a snarling pit bull who hasn’t eaten a little kitten in a week.
    I think by now we have heard from every Buc defender about how predictable their defense was last year.
    The only thing I’m fearful of is with all these multiple formations and coverages their will be confusion among the players and big breakdowns will incur.
    I remember in Schiano’s final year the Bucs were playing multiple coverages and a lot of times the defenders were left pointing at each other after a TD.
    It is paramount that the defensive players will have to have great communication between themselves in order for it to work.

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      Everyone that wears the Bucs Uniform is a stud! Right DRneast?

    2. 7.2


      drdneast, your point about Schiano’s defense is a good one. I have thought about that too, and for me the difference is coaching. This is a much more talented staff with tons of experience. I don’t think they will make more complicated then they need to.

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    Since we haven’t heard much about him. I spent some time at Saturday’s practice watching our 4th round Safety, Ryan Smith. He didn’t get many reps and was relatively invisible. Like most back-ups, he was involved with Special Teams. Anyone have a take on #29?

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    Conte’s biggest problem is his heath, he’s one good head bang from having to leave the game for good. Tandy is a reliable back up, after that you tell me. Haven’t heard anything about Schumate from N.D.. Never been high on Major Wright, so let’s see who flashes Thursday.

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    Conte isn’t a stud. Nor does he suck. He’s a decent corner that has lot of injuries.will see what happens this year. He could be a big surprise if he stays healthy and there is an actual pass rush and not a stupid vanilla defense always run like last couple years of Lovie.

    As far as the he secondary confused because of multiple coverages don’t see it. Not comparing apples to apples with coaching or personal. Plenty of teams play multiple coverages and this isn’t an issue.

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    Meant safety not CN. The whole “covers like a CB” mixed me up. Lol.

    Agree surferdudes we get couple injuries and depth is scary at safety. Lot of big question marks after Keith Tandy.

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