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    You can be more aggressive as a play caller, and a head coach. That’s what I like to hear. Koetter gets it, you can’t play not to lose. I think Mike Smith will let the hounds lose as well. Linebackers with Kwon’s, and David’s speed should be in constant attack mode. I’d let them have free rein to rush the passer when they see they can get quick pressure. Don’t worry about finding your “landmark”, find the ball instead. The sit back bend, but don’t break defenses are a thing of the past.

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    You say the silliest things sometimes sureferdude. Thanks for the early afternoon chuckle.

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      What is silly about what Surfer said? Everything he said is exactly what it should be. You see any soft defenses in the playoffs? You see teams like Arizona and their coach Bruce Arians who plays to win. He said himself right after the game. Lovie played not to lose, and somehow you still don’t see that.

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    Let me get this straight. Surferdude wants to give the LB’s to have “free rein”
    to rush the QB whenever they see fit or decide to without letting the other members of the team know what they are doing.
    If you don’t think that’s silly cgmaster, you can be second in charge of a Chinese fire drill which is what it will look like.

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    drdneast; you read way too much into what Surferdudes said. As to what our new Coach has said now a couple times “got to trust your gut”.

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    I’m starting to think drdneast is the reincarnation of BF47 with his view down his nose at other posters. All Surfer was saying is that he would like to see a more aggressive approach. That doesn’t mean he wanted to see everyone just running rogue out there.

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      Very good call on the BF47.

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    I’m just happy the people on this board who’s opinions I value get what I’m saying. No, I’m not looking to run a rogue defense. However, certain players should follow their instincts, when playing what is a game. I remember watching the great L.T.,I doubt all his sacks came from playing strictly within the scheme.

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    Being schooled by Drdneast is the norm on this site. We know nothing while he knows all. I agree with surfer…..let the dogs run some. Pressure makes good QB’s look normal.

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    Shooting your gap when the situation dictates is EXACTLY what the Seahawks allow Michael Bennett to do in their defensive system. Works pretty well for them.

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    Surferdudes totally agree with the more aggressive defense. I get what your saying and there are plenty of examples of elite type players allowed to play more instinctively instead of hanging back. Don’t mind Drdneast he knows more than anyone else here. So much smarter than all us novices. Lol. Hes just still upset they fired his buddie Lovie. Lol. Instead of just talking Bucs and hanging out he’s in constant attack mode and constantly trying to prove he’s smarter than everyone else here. Don’t even read his posts anymore. Guy is just annoying as hell.

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