The Buccaneers had a busy offseason in 2015 to say the least. From the seven-man draft class that started with their hopeful franchise quarterback, to the addition of a veteran player at every position on defense, plenty of help is hopefully on the way to Tampa.

However, draft and free agency aside, general manager Jason Licht believes the most significant piece was added in January.

“If we wouldn’t have signed or drafted any player, we still think we are a better team than we were last year,” Licht said during an interview Tuesday on 620 WDAE. during the annual town hall style function “(And that’s) because of the addition of Dirk Koetter.”

While Licht also mentioned quarterbacks coach Mike Bajakian and assistant offensive line coach Butch Barry as reasons for improvement, the general manager says Koetter affects every aspect of the offense while providing experience and leadership to help Lovie Smith.

“Lovie can’t oversee everything at all times, and he’s focused on defense,” Licht said. “No coach that I know of can watch and keep tabs on everything, so just the discipline there. And we had a lot of penalties on offense last year, so hopefully (having an experienced OC) is going to correct that.”

“But just the game plan, the knowledge and experience he has, and being able to adjust (will help the team).”

Koetter is known for running a fast pace, pass-heavy offense from his time in Jacksonville and Atlanta. And while success in the system is generally measured by the performance of skill position players, Licht believes the tempo and structure will facilitate the offensive line’s play as well.

“Even the offensive line play is affected by the offensive coordinator,” Licht said. “Does he want to get it out quickly? Does he want three, five or seven-step drops? What is the philosophy there?  If you go back and watch Dirk, the past he’s had as a coordinator, he does like to get the ball out quickly. That will affect how we protect the quarterback and we’re excited about that.”


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  2. Hey Jase, don’t talk Koetter up to much. As it is, I think he, with Winston will turn the offense around making Koetter the hottest head coaching candidate in the league next year. That’s my biggest fear, finally finding a good O.C. then losing him after only one year. Some coaches like Tom Moore, are happy being coordinators their whole careers. Can someone from PR ask Dirk if he wants to be a HC, or like Moore happy to be just an OC?

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    • That’s right, we’ve had several assistants move on to head coaching gigs, while we constantly try and find the right HC. Early on it was Joe Gibbs, then later Mike Tomlin, Rod Marinelli, Gus Bradley ect. For all we know, the OC could make a better HC than the coach himself, but we may never know (here).

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  3. No disrespect to Arroyo, though no fault of his own, we didn’t have an OC last year. By default, Koetter makes us a better team walking into the building.
    If we get the offensive line to step up a bit, there is a lot here for a proven OC like Koetter to work with. I expect considerable improvement in the offense this year!

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    • I agree, and I too have concerns Koetter will be scooped up after this year. You’re right, simply walking into he bldg has been a big improvement over last year’s debacle. Not only will we improve, but I think the Bucs will surprising a lot of teams offensively with the talent we have, not to mention a phenom at QB that has the skill set of some of the greats, AND he’s a gunslinger!!! The fact we have a 6-7 TE that nobody is thinking of in ASJ, means he’ll likely explode on the scene. I also think Doug Martin will be vastly improved now that he’s healthy and is an important piece in Koetters offense……expect big dividends this year on offense, but lets hope we can keep our HC, er, I mean our OC (Koetter).

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    • No not to Arroyo but who is the knuckle head ,head coach that refused to bring in any experience to help him.This was a decision that was il prudent to the fans , owners , every player and nothing is made of it , Really !! Same guys that think their draft picks will solve the O line , really who are the back up tackles , do you really think Logan has a great chance of going injury free and starting every game Really !! This is nothing short of a blind parent who thinks their child is the one, well in this case poor Jason Licht who I like really like thinks all his picks are starters or quality back ups. Please Jason pick any team and go research their last 5 o line picks with one in the second ,one in the third and three in rd five through 7 and you tell me your willing to put that in their first and second year in front of your rookie # 1 Pick !!! No Way For Me !! You are daddy protecting your children but not the most important one !! This is almost as delusional as not giving Arroyo help, just Lovies pure stubbornness over picking his own coordinator , it not working out and not admitting that more help was needed!! A poor decision that hurt both fans and players. I am sure some of the o line guys will be good but more proven experience being brought in is a must !! Sure hope I’m wrong !! Btw Winston is 236 not the 225 that the Lovie dreamers clamed that’s an 11 pound miss by a 21 year old , weight has already been an issue in his career and may continue to be . I’m not talking 236 either but a 21 year old at 236 could easily be a 25 year old at 260. Love Winston but the bucs better take his weight veraie veraie veraie (Texas accent) serious !!!

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  4. Never leave PR, but this is on topic and a good read! When you finish come right back to PR, the best Bucs website ever.

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    • macabee thanks for the link, that was a good read.
      Go Bucs!!

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  5. This team is going to be fun to watch,I suggest getting the popcorn now.

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  6. “KINO” I felt the same was as you did about Arroyo after the third game of the season.
    But unlike you, I actually questioned some informed people who know the NFL.
    One, Steve Krasnicki of WDAW 620, who is no Bucs homer, told me that dueto the time it happened, there was no way the Bucs could get a qualified OC with NFL experience that late in the season. The other said much the same thing.
    Also, it was hoped Tedford might be able to return after a few short weeks. He probably could have but decided to take the money and quit on his friend.
    Not a good decision since now he will probably be coaching for the rest of his life in Canada.
    As for Winston’s weight, he never had a problem with it at Florida St. and the only time he actually showed a noticeable weight gain was when he had some down time between college and the combine.
    Of course the fact he slimmed down noticeable at the combine is something you failed to mention.
    I also wonder how you are so informed as to Winston’s weight. Your guess at 235 is just that, a guess.
    You sound like one of those trolls on another fan blog sight that do nothing but disparage Lovie and the Bucs all day long with the same old uninformed tired rants.

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