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    In other words; Josh you aren’t playing for awhile unless Glennon goes missing. Please pick up another QB other than our present QB PS guy. We need a real back up QB on the active roster.

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    This is Lovie’s way out of his stubborn affirmation of McCown as starter and fan backlash IMO.

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    Hopefully Lovie is just saying the politically correct thing with McCown. I can only hope so, McCown isn’t any better then Glennon with two good hands. If he thinks he has a better chance winning with McCown’s bum hand over Glennon he’s not being rational.

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    That’s a GREAT pic of McCown. Lol
    And why does the caption read “McCown has a thumb”? Ummm… Ok?

  5. 5


    My response to this is “Ha, great news”

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    JonnyG: If you were older I’d suspect you were one of the fans cheering the injury to QB Gary Huff as he writhed in pain on the field back in 1977.

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      Scu- You are making my comment into more than it is, comparing a “thumb” injury to a Theisman type of injury is unfair and stupid. My point to my comment is I don’t care if McCown ever sees the field again and No I don’t wish he is severly injured as what you might take from this

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    Just because he considers it great news, doesn’t mean that he is cheering the injury.

    Part of the news is that “Second-year quarterback Mike Glennon will start in McCown’s place if he is unable to play.”

    I, for one, find this to be excellent news. I would like to see if Glennon can do any better, and this is the best scenario to find out due to Lovie’s love for his QB.

    Does that mean that I am GLAD that he is injured? No. I am never happy about players getting injured. What I am is happy that Glennon will get a legitimate shot.

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    CB Robert McClain is looking into the camera saying “You guys get a good picture of this because this is the last time you’re going to see this dude for a while” Kaboom!

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    Given the 0 – 3 record, the Bucs need to open up the offense and see just how much Glennon can do w/ this receiving core. Now is the best time they’ll ever get to find out what these guys can do together………..Not a time to be conservative…!

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    Let Glennon play so we can get it over with and move on. Need to draft the top rated QB next year and let him sit a year. This team has a long way to go before they can contend. We need a accurate, mobile, strong armed QB to compete.

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      Kindert: I’m 100% with you in drafting the top-rated QB next year…not sure about letting him sit a year…even Jacksonville will be starting Bortles after 3 games, in spite of intending to sit him for the year.

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    Kinderrt – very well could be the case, but we need to know now, not later. And they still need to get a top prospect w/ the intangibles every year until we have an undeniable field general leading this offense.

  12. 12


    O-Line, O-Line, O-line

  13. 13


    Hate to see anyone injured but I would hate worse to see McCown play again this year. This team sucks but we still would likely be 2-1 instead 0-3 if not for him. He’s terrible.

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    McCown has a sprained thumb and could be out weeks? That’s really bad news. I was hoping he could be out years.

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