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    The 2002 team is a great goal to have…and in some positions we’re not far off (we don’t have the sure-thing HOFers, but we have pretty good 2016 talent)…but who is our John Lynch equivalent…can a team even have a John Lynch with the 2016 rules?…what do we need to do instead to ensure the same result from our safeties without the same methods…IDK but I’m pretty sure we don’t have the personnel back there to do it. Nevertheless, we can still be a very good defense…but not yet one that will make us forget that 2002 team IMO.

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    As good as the 2002 defense? I’m all for it. GO BUCS

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    I think it is possible, the talent is not far off at some positions. But I don’t think it is the talent that is the main difference. it is the spirit. The 2002 defense had a spirit of fire, and they were going to impose their will on their adversaries, and they believed it.

    I think the 2016 defense just needs to believe that they are a defense of that caliber, and know in their hearts that they are going to go out and impose their will on other teams no matter what. You will become what you believe you are. Once they start believing this, they will have that fire that burns in them and it will drive them. Just like it did the 2002 Buc defense.

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