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      Just want to respond to some of this here. I asked Arians directly about the challenge. His response in explaining that he did it on purpose is because I asked him about it. He talked about precedent for a coach challenging when they couldn’t, and wrote about how it basically cost the Bucs a victory in 2014 when Marvin Lewis did it against the Bucs. He said it could have cost his team, explained why he did it.

      This is all accountability. My job isn’t to say “That was stupid.” It’s to ask why he did it, point out the potential consequences and write about the larger issues of officiating and coaches’ widespread frustration with the current replay system, especially as it relates to pass interference.

      If we were in Arians’ pocket, why would we ask about it at all? If we were in Licht’s pocket, why would we spend weeks writing about the potential of cutting Perriman to get a pick, so the public is aware of the decision that’s being made, right or wrong?

      I get that fans get frustrated, that they disagree with coaching decisions and personnel decisions. We write a ton about things that go wrong, risks that aren’t taken, why picks and signings and trades don’t work out. We ask coaches about it, we ask players about it. We’re there every day, face to face, asking them about wins and losses and why.

      If you guys have any problems with me, you’re welcome to email me at, hit me up on Twitter at @gregauman, or write in the comments in any of our stories on the site.

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