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    Two hits, nine misses.

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      Worse than that you just spent 15.5 mil on a player that has never made one memorable play towards the end of a game, never gotten in a qb’s head and affected a game,never caused an abundance of motion penalties and just has never ever been any kind of factor in the fourth quarter NEVER!!! He’s your leader well there you have it !!! Wake up and quit reading pro football focus like Gerald does he makes a few plays a game but truly isn’t a factor at all most of the game but you can count on him to jump offsides twice a game.Until Gerald becomes a factor more than 5 plays a game he isn’t leading this D anywhere wake up folks !!! Hell he takes himself out of more plays that grade good than he has game altering plays every game.Leaders show up and lead by making meaningful plays when needed not shooting a gap in the first quarter making a stop for a loss then taking your self out of the next play and giving up a huge play.Its the fourth quarter anyone seen Gerald??? Very talented Con Man / Thief

      1. 1.1.1


        Never blame the data Kino! Facts are facts and Pro football focus just lists the data. You complain about McCoy’s impact but if he’s listed as the best at his position you need to compare McCoy’s performance against other DT’s, not against what you think he should be doing. What PFF has proved is that as bad as you think McCoy is playing, every other DT is playing worse if you watch ALL their plays, which none of us do.

      2. 1.1.2


        Gerald McCoy, as the bell cow on the field leader of our team, has now presided over 3 epic team collapses. Call me crazy, but Mr. Sapp would not have allowed that.

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    This is depressing Mark :/

  3. 3


    So basically it’s all been bad. Even McDonald is only an acceptable signing. I’m a bit surprised about Collins. I didn’t expect him to be awesome, but damn if the dude’s not just terrible.

  4. 4


    What the Glazers’ should have done? Got a real G.M. first, then let him select the head coach. Why? Because Frick, and Frack Glazer have no clue when it comes to picking coaches. What the hell, they pay two coaches, might as well pay three.

  5. 5


    Wow, great article and obviously very telling. These two clowns get an “F” in evaluating talent and in coaching. I bet Schiano and Dom are laughing…I know I would. We were better last year!

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    Indeed, this is depressing. The bucs are bad this year and will be bad for years to come. Jeez.

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    I think the Bucs have seen the error of their ways and has from top to bottom completely replaced the pro personnel dept. Unfortunately, the WMDs listed above were already on board before these changes were made.

    Cheer up! These problems can be fixed. Johnson’s health will improve, Collins can be moved to OG if necessary, and Verner can be coached up. The rest are chattel that can be dealt with at year’s end. Seems we’ve already started.

    Get rid of the notion that Lovie is some operational tyrant that has overrode good advice and has made independent personnel decisions. Not his MO and nothing in his history suggest that he operates this way. If anything, he is too compromising. The link below outlines what they have done. I expect better days are coming!


  8. 8

    Mark Cook

    It looks bad now. But as SR mentioned, there is time for a lot of these guys to turn it around. Verner is particular isn’t playing great but more a product of the lack of a pass rush in my opinion, plus he has been a victim of two push offs TDs at Pittsburgh and Steve Smith in the Ravens game. And really the jury is still out long term. But as of now, the bottom line is, the team is 1-6.

  9. 9


    Mark or Scott
    Either of you up for an analysis of Doninicitis?
    An analysis year by year of his draft picks.
    How many busts,hits and ho-hums along with the who could have beens.
    Eg #1 Mark Baron vs Luke Kuechly
    Just a thought

    1. 9.1


      As for McCown, I think the lack of a dedicated QB Coach has added some value to him. Glennon’s development has been positive in most cases… gotta wonder if McCown aided in that?

      1. 9.1.1


        oops meant to put that under the overall post

  10. 10


    In baseball parlance they are hitting .182 – they would be demoted to the minors.

  11. 11


    I feel the same as Macabee and Mark. I’m not happy about the guaranteed money for Collins and Johnson, but we can live with it another year and dump them if we have too later. I think Johnson can still play when he can get healthy; kind of like the Luke Stocker thing. I can see this team getting better and I could care less about a few wins or not and stats at this point in time. I believe in the Coach and GM and I am giving them a reasonable chance to turn this team in the right direction. Getting extra draft picks is key because our 1st pick might just be a QB and we need help in other areas too. Barron was a disappointed; he had two Coaches to prove he was a winner and he failed at it. I would have kept Martin out of last weeks game and tried to trade him for something; now that he has an injury we shot ourselves in the foot again with him. Cheer up fans> I will get better. Go bucs!

  12. 12


    This is why I’ll never be a fan of building through free agency. Sure looked good over the off season but the end result is dreadful………especially if you’re the one writing those checks.

  13. 13


    I think this list is very premature and leaves off the most obvious FA bust on the roster, Dashon Goldston. Michael Johnson will be fine once we add talent around him, take into account he’s been injured and without any real talent its hard to get him off the field to stay fresh. Verner is fine and hardly a bust. It’s hard to know if the problems with the offensive line is talent, coaching or they simply havent played together long enough. I find it hard to believe these players were successful other places and now all of a sudden cant block anyone. Warhop was a Oneil Cousins advocate so that immediately puts his judgement in question. Give them time, hopefully we swap Dotson and Collins and see if we can get better results. McDonald is a rotational type DT and when the talent increases he will be fine in that role. Also its hard to know what impact not having Tedford has had on the whole offense but its very obvious that he would be much better at calling plays and putting players in position to succeed than Arroyo. Football is a chemistry sport and this team simply hasn’t had enough time to know who really fits and who doesn’t, of course some guys have underachieved so far but that list looks a lot longer than the few players mentioned here. Of the 7 teams that hired new coaches last year only 2 have winning records(Lions and Browns)and both teams are considerably better along with lines of scrimmage and at the QB position. Patience although not what we want to hear is what’s needed.

    1. 13.1


      “Michael Johnson will be fine once we add talent around him”

      He’s got McDonald and McCoy beside him. Get off Johnson’s johnson and see things as they are…he’s just not that good.

      1. 13.1.1


        BucDaFuckUp My assessments are realistic not just something to say bc Im mad at the team like you. Disagree with some facts not some corny ass saying that only shows you have no real facts. As for McDonald he was a reserve on a title team not a starter, so that actually makes my point.



          Johnson has made a career off of 1 season. Since you are discussing real facts, please indicate which moves Johnson used last year when he piled up those 3.5 sacks over 15 games. The dude is DaQuan Bowers on steroids…oh wait…

  14. 14


    On the defensive side of the ball, I can’t find any excuses for poor performances, missed reads, poor tackling and penalties. They should be playing much better.
    Even though I like GM, I was shocked by his contract extension. His 4th qtr issues may be a result of the fact that the defense is on the field a lot longer than offense and the fact that one man can’t do it all. Just not sure.
    Offensively, I don’t know how to fairly judge the “skilled” players as a lot of success is due to the play-calling and adjustments as a game progresses. With a “rookie” offensive coordinator calling the shots and maybe not being able tosee/ make proper adjustments on the fly, players performances can definitely be impacted.
    On the whole, it does look very bleak. When you are discussing the draft beginning in early October, you know your season is in the toilet.

  15. 15


    let’s all root for Oakland and Jacksonville. We want that #1 spot.

  16. 16


    This is a great article SR. I like how you connect each FA with what you think they should have done and in many cases back it up with data. I only disagree with two of the “What the Bucs should have done’s”. I still think the right move at the time was to bring in McCown. The only other FA at the time is Vick and he’s not better than McCown. But I would rather have McCown or Vick than to tie our franchise to any of the QB’s you named in the draft. It was a bad QB class to begin with and so far none proven to be franchise QB’s. The other “What the Bucs should have done” I would change is the CB’s. What they should have done is keep Revis, not bring in Flowers. We used the money we saved on Revis to bring in Collins, Johnson, Verner and Myers and none of them have played well. If anything we should have kept Revis AND signed Flowers. Flowers at $3 mil isn’t that much money. On a side note, I was blown away to see that PFF only listed Collins as having 1 sack. It seems like he gives up a sack every week!

  17. 17


    Thanks Scott. I looked at last year’s FA crop at the time and it wasn’t exactly a who’s who of talent…I think we grabbed a few guys that looked good but haven’t produced…fortunately we didn’t mortgage the farm to get them and we can mostly kick them aside and try again with the next crop and another draft. It’s not like we signed some QB with questionable talent to a huge deal that has in salary cap jail now…we have lots of cap room, and can rectify these problems above. Like some folks above, I too think Verner has actually been a hit not a miss….so maybe not as down overall. Personally, I’m still a huge believer that the ship will only be turned around once we get a real QB…it makes such a huge difference….just look at the Aints – they have a chance every year and it’s 100% about Brees….we’ve never had a QB even close to that calibre (Steve Young debacle aside)….we need Mariota!

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