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    Nothing about the nonsense calls?

    You guys are so scared of being called homers you don’t do your job as journalists. It’s OK to point out terrible calls – or explain why the terrible calls weren’t terrible calls. Just ignoring that is ignoring an entire part of the story of the loss.

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      Eric Horchy

      Bucs finished with 4 penalties for 33 yards. Browns finished with 7 penalties for 44 yards.

      Respect your opinion, every penalty’s different depending on the situation, but I’m guessing some Browns fans probably feel the same way you do.

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        Uh, the non PI call on 3rd and 1, then the bogus offensive PI call on 4th and 1 to close out the game for the Bucs. You can’t seriously not have noticed that. I mean I too have no faith in Glennon to get the job done but hopefully you were watching the plays and didn’t have your head down typing this story. Anywho it would be nice if someone at least acknowledged it, even if it was only to say why it was the correct calls – or more likely to say why the refs are morons and blew the calls again. But not mentioning it, when it ended the game for the Bucs, that’s ridiculous.


          Eric Horchy

          Listen, I get what you’re saying. That loss has WAY more to do with the Bucs play than a few calls. I personally think every NFL game is over-penalized nowadays, but more often than not penalties even themselves out between the two teams. I’ll focus on two potential TD passes that ended up as two terrible INTs over a couple questionable officiating calls as a reason for a loss all day, every day. I mean, hell, that game started off with Evans getting away with blatantly pushing off Buster Skrine for a big gain. And the fourth-down call was mentioned, just not to your satisfaction. All in all, though, good back-and-forth with you.

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    Another winnable game pissed away by stupid mistakes and poor play. Special teams especially horrible. Defense played one of better games but still had serious probs with broken plays and letting Browns convert a 3rd and 15! Knew they would find a way to lose. Beyond frustrating watching this crap. Blocked FG, missed FG, blocked punt. All in one game! Offensive line played one of its better games but this offense just stinks in general. Glennon wasn’t horrible but he had good protection for most part and lot of bad throws. Yes their was some bad officiating calls but doubt it would made difference in outcome.

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    I liked what I saw in this game. Lovie called the Bucs a bad football team. I’ve been guilty of such language before myself. But today’s game changed my mind. I think we are a pretty good football team. We just have a few positions…ok, maybe several positions to change before we can consistently win games.

    There was a lot to be liked today and of course the failures stood out too. But there were no surprises. Everybody played just like I thought they would. Nobody thought Cousins was going to block and nobody thought a franchise QB was going to show up today. The Bucs should know exactly what to do from here! Unfortunately, those fixes can’t come until after this season. Go bucs!

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    Especially over play calling bear the end when we had 2nd and 1 and we throw a 20 yard pass, 3rd and one another long pass. Why the hell did thet abandon run Rainey had very good first half and Browns stink against run. I know he’s a QB coach and shouldn’t be calling plays but most fans could call better plays than that crap.

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    I agree with Macabee; we are only a couple positions away of being a decent team. It’s to criticize play calling when they don’t work; how about all the times when they did work? Special teams and penalties was the difference in the game.
    I see the coaches are trying to fill the holes. When are some of you going to wake up that we have had poor drafting the last six years; you can’t turn it around in youra year. Start looking forward not backwards. I support the Bugs!

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    For the first time this year I thought the Bucs looked like the better team yesterday. In the victory over the Steelers and the other close losses the Bucs were clearly the lesser of the combatants but in the end did have a chance to win. I’m hoping we can continue to show some improvement.

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    After the season when we start looking for a new offensive coordinator, let’s get us a new special teams coach too. O’Dea is it? Lovie said you can win a few games with good S.T.’s,blocked punts, and field goals aren’t going to win you nothing. We had a fourth, and three at mid field. I thought it was a perfect time, and place to go for a fake punt, and seize some momentum. Na, no guts, no glory, didn’t go for it, at least the punt wasn’t blocked. Doesn’t a 1-7 team need to take a chance once in awhile to get something going?

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    It seems to me that the Bucs are getting better. I think that some changes will help make this team much better. I don’t see Glennon as the answer. I see him as about the same as Josh Freeman. Maybe less. I think Coach Smith knows what to do and I feel he will get it done, but not this year. Rainey played pretty good. Why did they take him out in the second half? The O line showed some good things. When Glennon got sacked, he held on to the ball too long. I am sure next year we will have a new set of O & D coaches. Special Teams is in need of help. I think Vincent Jackson needs to retire or be traded. His heart is not in it. Too many drops.

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