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    I recall Dungy saying that the first thing he needed to change back in the 90’s was the attitude of a loser. He ushered in that new attitude, some new players (yes FAs too), and even a major change in uniforms to help. Sadly, after reaching the pinnacle we are now back to that losing attitude…we need to fix it (again) as a priority, just like Tony did!

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      I think that Tampa is at a crossroads. Tampa with the 2016 schedule Tampa bay can get better. One think the reason Tampa loss 4 in a roe is Kwon Alexander and his problem.The bucs need to advise this young man about drugs and watch him he must understand he is a good player but he must watch what he takes-Go Bucs

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    Sorry folks, I’m done thinking about this year! Not wasting any more time on what could have been. Got happy thoughts about what next season could be. Goodnight Mrs. Calabash! Last one turn the lights out! lol.

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      I don’t know where Mrs. Calabash is, but I know we need to sign Martin and maybe make an effort at a couple of the others such as Conte, McDougald, and Jack Smith. Michael Clayton is still on the team Eric. He changed numbers.

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        Eric Horchy

        Late to the game on this, but that made me laugh, 76Buc. I hope not!

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    I’m strictly looking ahead and believe we will have more wins than loses. I based that on a new attitude adjustment; signing Martin, maybe a couple other players who contracts are up too; Gerald McCoy comes to camp 20 pounds heavier and stronger; ASJ come in camp in shape; we sign 4 Free Agents of a variety of need positions; we draft DE’s, CB, Safety, WR, OL, RB. The most important part though is Winston who comes into Camp and had gotten better in the off season. yep, life is good. Go Bucs!

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    Dungy was lucky when he took over the team he had four Pro Bowl players and two future Hall of Famers when he got here. What a lucky break,
    No one had to change Nickerson’s, Brooks, Sapp’s or Lynch’s attitude.
    Martin needs to be resigned and leave Vjax alone if he won’t renegotiate unless they can find a proven wide out with speed.
    Conte, Melton, Jacques Smith and I am sure a few others need to be resigned as well.
    Give George Johnson a version of the Buccaneer home game and send him back to that toilet called Detroit. Happy motoring, George.

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      My sentiments exactly drdneast. We always here folks taint Jon Gruden’s (the coach not the poster) Superbowl victory by claiming he did it with Dungy’s team. In my view, both benefited by the players Sam Wyche left in the cupboard in Lynch, Nickerson, Brooks and Sapp.

      So now we enter another off-season and look forward to the excitement of Free Agency and of course the Draft. I suppose we have to keep taking swings at acquiring some talent via the Free Agent market. I think this fan base has finally learned that the big headline that follows each signing may be the high point.

      Everyone knows the team needs, but my Draft philosophy will always be Best Player. As example, with the signing of F.A. Bruce Carter to be the MLB, there was little need to sign some smallish LB in the 4th round, but the Bucs had him ranked high enough that he was considered the best player available.

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      I understand it’s your opinion @drdneast…but “Tony Dungy was lucky”, as in his success, the turnaround of our dumpster-fire of a team, his nomination for the HoF…luck?…I have to disagree that with one. Yes Sapp, Brooks and Lynch were 3 excellent pieces to inherit…but one could make the same argument about Winston, LvD and GMC…it takes more than just talent to right the ship.

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      Good point dude. I have always said Dungy got a break and benefitted from Sam Wyches brilliance. Always good to here from the long time fans. Myself I think we should make every effort to sign Calvin Johnson. Evans and Johnson sounds good to me. I’d also keep Jackson onboard too, maybe less money but he is a good football player not just a receiver.

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    Safties can’t light up receivers crossing the middle like Lynch, Barber did. Not allowed anymore and that’s one big reason why Tampa2 will not work. Receivers have no fear. With next years schedule being much harder and 3 west coast trips we will be lucky to get 6 wins again, I don’t see or feel the optimism. Hope I am wrong though.

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      Safeties lighting up receivers crossing the middle is not the strength of the Tampa2. It is providing enough pass rush with your front 4 that the other 7 can play pass coverage. Regardless, Seattle played a similar style with the pass rush they were getting and yes they seriously lit up receivers crossing the middle.

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    Thanks scubog. Always thought Sam Wyche should have gotten more credit for what he did when he was here.
    They also saddled him down with Trent Dlifer who he didn’t want because he already had Craig Erikson who he liked and preferred. So did I.
    I have always advocated taking the best player on the board, within reason, no matter what the position.
    By not doing so is why we passed on Arron Rogers.

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    Thanks scubog. Always thought Sam Wyche should have gotten more credit for what he did when he was here.
    They also saddled him down with Trent Dlifer who he didn’t want because he already had Craig Erikson who he liked and preferred. So did I.
    I have always advocated taking the best player on the board, within reason, no matter what the position.
    By not doing so is why we passed on Arron Rogers.

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    I am very much looking forward to next season. The Bucs have a franchise qb that wants to win, that wants to lead, and that wants to bring a culture of winning. This is something the Bucs sorely needed and now have!

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    Everyone wants lovie gone but i thought he bright in the entire front office and was also in charge of changing out entire scouting department. I give him an a+for bringing in the gm and got once we have had successful drafts! Now is time to continue the trend and we will see the results on Sunday’s!

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      just for the record – the poll that PR is running has the Fire/Retain Lovie vote roughly split 50/50…there a re a lot of vocal “fire-hims” but it seems not everyone wants that…

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    Very interested to see where this goes next year. I worry greatly about losing Koetter this offseason. Your QB needs stability in a scheme for more than a year. Look at the great Qb’s and the stability they’ve had. New England, Indianapolis , Greenbay, and the ‘aints.
    Keeping Koetter is our number one priority, even if that means canning Lovie to do it.
    Next we need to sign Dougie as he doesn’t have a ton of mileage from his injuries and shouldn’t be too expensive. Next years running back class will have some studs to pick up such as Fournette and Cook.
    Keep VJ as long as well if can get him a little cheaper.
    I saw a mocj draft that had us taking The De from OK state, I’m not going to try and butcher his name in the first, and then Shawn King from Iowa in the second at DB. hat would be a solid First two picks. If we do take a DB in the first, the more I see of Alexander from Clemson, I love his coverage skills. He’s only 5’10” but big guys aren’t easy to find and usually can’t cover as easily due to their longer strides.
    Ramsey will be gone and we’ll never get him unless we trade up for him. Hargreaves might be as well but he got roasted by Michigan in the bowl game. Didn’t like seeing that.
    Should be interesting but now that Mankins might retire we are also going to need a lineman in this draft as well. SO many peaces to need.
    Even though Lovie and Licht haven’t hit on free agency, the bucs have to be players this year. Just too many needs. With our touhgt schedule next year, I am not going to go into the season with very high hopes. With Jameis all things are possible, and he will get the losers out of the clubhouse. But it could take an additional year or two. Just trying to be realistic. Great future though guys.

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    I have another situation to monitor and that is Gerald McCoy. I’ve been reading there is problems here between McCoy and jameis. Personally I think Jameis was talking about McCoy in his post game speech. Rumors were McCoy was in that group of defensive lineman laughing after the game.
    Then while being interviewed, Jameis pressed started and the reporters went to check it out as McCoy says ” go listen to Jameis, have to see what Jameis says”. mccoy is a jokester and this might have been taken out if context but I’ve said all season there is a problem here. And if there is bye bye McCoy, take your jokes and your fun somewhere else. Just get a first round pick for him.

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