Monday on his radio show, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris took full responsibility for safety Tanard Jackson's choice to run back a fourth quarter interception with 52 seconds remaining in the game for a touchdown instead of downing it. Tampa Bay wound up defeating Green Bay, 38-28.

"The coaching point is not to be tackled by anyone," Morris said. "You would have liked to see him slide, but I knew his mentality. In my room, I contradict myself. Your job is to score and get back on the field. I coached him for two years at that point, so I knew what he was thinking."

Now that he is the head coach, Morris recognized the player mentality has changed.

"In OTAs, I was always the guy to scream 'Get down,' so now I have all the guys on my case telling me how much I've changed," Morris said.

"All the other defensive backs reacted and went to run down the field with him, except for Sabby [Piscitelli] and Barrett Ruud, the smart guys, telling him to get down. I was not one of the guys yelling get down, but I should have. I will take the responsibility for Tanard Jackson's actions in that situation."

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