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    Bosa at the Combine sure looked slow to me.

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    Personally I’m not entirely concerned about a players measurables at the combine. Some guys are just straight ball players while others perform and look great in shorts and shirt. As for Bosa, I’m just not a huge fan of his. To me he seems like he’ll just be a ”JAG” (Just Another Guy). I feel the same way about Buckner and yes his college numbers appear to be much better than Bosa’s but that’s college. He’s has the same build and is the same kind of player as another young d-lineman from Oregon by the name of Armstead. And last I check he was nothing more than just a decent player.

    If we’re to choose a d-lineman from OSU, it should be Spence, but I don’t feel all that comfortable choosing him at 9. At this point I really don’t know what we’re going to do at 9. All I know is I’ll be in my Bucs attire on draft day sitting at the edge of my seat with anticipation.

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    Mock Drafts always seem to focus on perceived need and sometimes consider the school’s location or the player’s roots.

    The best thing about this year is that we aren’t having to have the Mariota-Winston debate. It also makes it a bit more fun to try to predict who our top 10 player will be. Regardless of who we select, what will follow is the wannabee GM’s doing their best woulda coulda shoulda posts.

    Always fun!

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    I do like that we’ve become a bit flexible due to FA and I just have this gut feeling the Licht will shocked the world with out first pick.

    Earlier this offseason, I saw conversations about us drafting the OT Stanley. I’ll admit at first I didn’t like it or see it, but it became clear that it’s a possibility with both our right tackles being older and toward the end of their contracts.

    Since we hope and don’t expect to be picking this early next season, what if we were to go out and grab a WR, let’s say Corey Coleman? I suspect VJax will be gone after this season. Who would you trust that’s currently on our roster to be the #2 WR? Not saying that Coleman will automatically make the transition but what if?

    Our offense has lacked overall speed and the ability to stretch the field. He appears to be “Odell-like”, similar size, elusiveness and is faster it seems. Just a thought.

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    Of all the mocks I believe PR is the only one having us pick Rankins. I hope the Bucs pick him. Bosa has been linked to party drugs, Buckner looks on film slower then Gholson who is similar in built. Of all these players the one who’s highlights really flash is Rankins. Three techs are hard to find. It’d be nice having no drop off when McCoy needs a breather, and together they could cause some problems. Two of our tackles from last year are coming off injury, and two were’nt retained. We’re thin there, surprised the pundiffs don’t see that.

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    As far as VH3 being the pick at 9 I just don’t see it. If you pick a corner that high he’s starting. We know Grimes will start, Banks, and Verner will battle, as will hey Jude. The perceived view was these guys suck, but we here know Lovie’s system sucked even more. I think the meathead G.M. sticks with meat, or potatoes and Nabs Rankins, or Stanley. We’ve tried, and failed building our D from the back end,see Barron pick. Better to either improve our rush, or keep Jameis upright with Stanley. Interesting note. Sweezy was said to be instrumental in helping bring along a rookie right tackle last year. Makes one wonder. I still don’t believe he automatically starts at left guard. Marpet’s college career he was a LT, so playing guard on that side shouldn’t be a problem. If we pick Stanley, I think the Bucs might rather have the more experienced Sweezy next to him.

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      surferdudes; good points.

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    I’m not so sure that Stanley is automatically moved over to LT even if he’s the pick. I’m not sure why people are so down on Smith, he did a pretty reasonable job at the position last season and it stands to reason that he’ll improve this year. Why would we flip him to RT and have Stanley take over LT, in a sense having a rookie on one side and a 2nd year guy learning a new position? If we take Stanley, I’m not so sure we don’t just put him at RT until we see how Smith performs in his 2nd season. You can always switch later and if you want to be proactive, I guess you could train both players in the opposite position in camp. But I think the best line combination is to leave Smith at LT and put Stanley at RT.

    But then again, I’m not a line coach either.

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    Hate to even mention this, but I saw Shaq Lawson on the NFL Network last week and the kid might be just the player the Bucs are looking for in their new hybrid defense.
    I know, I know, he is from Clemson and the mere mention of his college brings sudders of fear to many of us, but the kid seems to have more physical tools than Gaines Adams and more heart that Deqwuan Bowers.
    Lawson is said to have a real love for the game and has both the size and speed to play DE.
    He was also known to drop into pass coverage when the Tigers wanted to blitz a LB off the edge.

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    We are in a unique situation this year because of not only the pick number, buyt the lack of top end talent in this draft. ‘ve always been a trade back guy this year and if someone Licht really likes doesn’t fall, I think it’s a good possibility. After reading Licht’s comments at the owners meetings, I also think Glennon is as good as gone on draft night. If you can get an early third late second for him, you have to take it.
    Trade back in the first and get an additional pick and you would have a first, 2 seconds and 2 thirds with the Glennon trade. Couldn’t ask for more in a deep but not top heavy draft.

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    Just finished watching NFL Network and they were doing the draft war room segment for TB. I’ll honestly say I don’t believe any of those picks were very good choices at all. Still had Hargreaves in the 1st, the DE from Penn State Nassib in 2nd, the WR Listenbee from TCU in 3rd and a flier Safety from BC. Did anyone else see this? Thoughts, opinons?

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      I don;t like Hargreaves at nine for one. 2. I definitely don’t like Nassib either. I just don’t like guys that have 1 good year. I don’t mind the safety from BC in the 4th, but in the 3rd we could have much better choices. Don’t like that draft at all.

      1. 11.1.1


        Couldn’t agree with you more cgmaster27. With Brooks and Jeremiah being ex scouts, I figured their opinion would be a bit better. I wasn’t all that familiar with the safety from BC, I’ll need to look at some game film. And knight, I’m liking that idea too. Trade down, get more picks. I saw we worked or are working out Connor Cook so we may get that wish.

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    Agree with all points, which is why I am always saying TRADE DOWN if at all possible from 9. Very little difference in quality from 9 to later in the draft, and TB needs more picks as it builds itself through the draft. Trade Glennon and Boom it’s a stacked draft for TB!! GO BUCS

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