Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Muir has been linked to the Dallas Cowboys’ vacant O-line coaching job in several recent published reports.

Muir, who previously coached for Bill Parcells with the New York Jets, was hired by the organization prior to the arrival of Jon Gruden. In fact, Muir was hired to be Parcells’ offensive line coach in Tampa Bay before Parcells backed out at the last minute, which led to the Glazers trading for Gruden a few weeks later.

While a reunion would appear to make sense, Pewter Report has learned that Muir probably won’t be going anywhere.

Muir is under contract with the Bucs for the 2005 season and enjoys working with head coach Jon Gruden, according to a source close to Muir.

“There is absolutely no validity to the rumor,” the source said. “[Bill] is staying put. The press likes to make up stories to keep things interesting. They assumed since Parcells fired their line coach, [Bill] would automatically go. He really likes Jon and working with him.”

That said, it looks as though Muir is staying put for at least one more season, unless, of course, the Bucs decide to fire Muir, which would seem unlikely.

“Everybody’s going to question you when you don’t win,” Gruden said last week on his ‘Buc Report’ radio show. “This is part of the deal. Bill Muir has done it 26 years and he’ll do it 27 as long as I have a say. He’s a great coach and a phenomenal technician and strategist. We have to do all we can to stay together through the tough times, and by God, that’s what we’re going to do.”

Bucs general manager Bruce Allen acknowledged that defensive backs coach Mike Tomlin and another unnamed coach were not under contract for the 2005 season. Whom the other coach is remains a mystery and could lead to more speculation.

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