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    Once Griffin warmed up he looked pretty good. Neither one of those INT’s were his fault, either.
    The first one bounced off Krause’s hands and the second one in the end zone went right through the receivers hands without touching the ball.
    As Mrs. Brady once said, “He can only throw the ball, he can’t catch it for them.”

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    He looked pretty good? Don’t agree. He was pretty flat especially in the last 2 minutes of the game.

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    Gee fredster guess I was watching a different game. I distinctly remember Griffin leading the Bucs into the red zone in the final two minutes of the game. The last interception occurred in the end zone and if you watch the replay, you will see the ball go through the WR’s hands without touching them into a grateful Jaguar CB.
    It’s okay though, I quit drinking 14 years ago because I couldn’t remember anything either. The whole division playoff game against the 49ers was a haze until I saw it on YouTube a few weeks ago.
    Last game I drank at.

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      I don’t drink at all. That’s exactly what happened drdneast.

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    The 3rd round pick is just a possibility, not an automatic. Glennon and Griffin have to prove they’re worth something and this and the next game will tell us the answer. I don’t believe the 4th game has much value because most starters on both sides won’t be playing. Go bucs!

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      I was just logging on to post this. It is far from a certainty that we will get that third rounder. Id say its actually a long shot that we receive it. I dont think he is highly coveted around the league.

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    I quit yesterday, but I agree with drdneast, that his receivers let him down. Did I really say that. I need a drink.

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