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    Playoffs? Well I guess if you gave me 100-1 odds, I would put a buck on it. The divisional standings tell you that they still have an opportunity, but the games I watched say not so much. If they had a middle of the pack defense I would have more hope.

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      Eric Horchy

      Wouldn’t bet on it, either. Those are the circumstances in this division, though. Whether people want to be optimistic or pessimistic is up to them.

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    I choose pragmatic instead of optimistic or pessimistic. I can only go by what I see and what I haven’t seen is the defense finding any semblance of synchronicity. When I see that, then I will believe they can knock off some wins. They need to now where they should be on the field, when they should be there, what their responsibilities are and what their teammates responsibilities are that are around them. I think it will take at least 4 more games before that STARTS to happen.

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    So Buctebow, I sure don’t want your attitude on my team. Just about anywhere I have worked we were challenged to do it better. Tell us your secret to turn this around as of right now? I would like to see what you bring to the table; give it a try.

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    Horse, the only real option is to dummy it down, focus on fundamentals until they are pretty solid and then add nuances later. Half of a scheme done well is better than a whole scheme done poorly. That is why I think it will take more time for the D to start working, they just haven’t learned it yet.

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