Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden and his South team lost to the Norv Turner-led North team at Senior Bowl Saturday, 23-13. Wide receiver Matt Jones scored the South team’s only touchdown, which came in the fourth quarter. Gruden is now 0-2 in coaching at the Senior Bowl. His other loss came in 1999 when the Tony Dungy-led South squad, which was coached by the Buccaneers staff, beat Gruden’s North team, which was coached by the Oakland Raiders staff.

Although Gruden’s team lost on Saturday, both the Bucs and Oakland Raiders should benefit from spending all week with some of the best players in college football. The Bucs have 11 draft picks in April and could spend a few on some of the players who participated in Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. Tampa Bay drafted eight players who participated in the 1999 Senior Bowl, including defensive tackle Anthony McFarland, quarterback Shaun King, kicker Martin Gramatica, free safety Dexter Jackson and running back Autry Denson.

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