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    McCown has never been able to hold on to a Starter’s job. It should be obvious now as to why.

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    Yes McCown stinks. Not a starter and never will be. Should be clear to Lovie and everyone, but likely the stubborn Lovie will not admit his mistake. Wouldn’t be surprised if he went into next year with him again and don’t get a qb. This O line stinks bad too. Very disappointing. Worst run blocking I’ve seen in a while this season.

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    OL played poorly, turnovers, time management were the biggies for me. McCown tried too hard to make up for the OL and he wasn’t that horrible. Glennon would have been crushed if he had played. We need a QB, OL, and a DE. Johnson isn’t making it as our RDE. We have been in 8 games we could have won or lost all of them; so far we’re getting closer, but we need more help.

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