The Bucs signed punter Dirk Johnson Thursday to play in place of injured P Josh Bidwell.

Shortly after working out for the team and signing his contract, Johnson answered the media's questions on the practice field on Thursday morning.

Here is what Johnson had to say.

How did the workout go?
“It went good enough. I’m here,” said Johnson. “It’s just how this business is. I accept that, but it’s good to be here.”

You haven’t punted in a while. Will you be ready for Saturday night’s game?
“It’s going to be quick,” said Johnson. “You go from hanging out, playing golf, working and being at a desk a little bit, to playing in a game. You just roll with it.

“As a punter you have long periods of time between plays, so hopefully in 12 years my body has learned something where I can snap back into it. I’m in shape. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be here.”

How much do you know about the Bucs and Josh Bidwell’s situation?
“I do like golf. I haven’t been really paying attention,” said Johnson. “I don’t know Josh’s situation. I know they needed somebody, so I’m here.’

Did the team tell you whether you are here for the long term due to Josh Bidwell’s injury?
“We really haven’t gotten that far,” said Johnson. “I’m here now and I’m going to jump into the routine.”

You’ve held on field goal attempts before. Is that something you’re okay with doing now?
“Andrew is a really good snapper,” said Johnson. “I have to shake off a few cobwebs and get back into it.”

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